How Do You Spell PAVES?

Correct spelling for the English word "PAVES" is [pˈe͡ɪvz], [pˈe‍ɪvz], [p_ˈeɪ_v_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PAVES

Below is the list of 85 misspellings for the word "paves".

Anagrams of PAVES

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Usage Examples for PAVES

  1. And well I know that they have seen the graves Of shipwreck'd sailors; for Disaster paves The fearful fields where reapers cannot reap. - "Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems" by Eric Mackay
  2. Snarl, by himself, is just supportable; but, when Soaper paves the way with his hypocritical praise, the pair are too much; they are a two- edged sword. - "Peg Woffington" by Charles Reade

Conjugate verb Paves


I would pave
we would pave
you would pave
he/she/it would pave
they would pave


I will pave
we will pave
you will pave
he/she/it will pave
they will pave


I will have paved
we will have paved
you will have paved
he/she/it will have paved
they will have paved


I paved
we paved
you paved
he/she/it paved
they paved


I had paved
we had paved
you had paved
he/she/it had paved
they had paved


I pave
we pave
you pave
he/she/it paves
they pave


I have paved
we have paved
you have paved
he/she/it has paved
they have paved
I am paving
we are paving
you are paving
he/she/it is paving
they are paving
I was paving
we were paving
you were paving
he/she/it was paving
they were paving
I will be paving
we will be paving
you will be paving
he/she/it will be paving
they will be paving
I have been paving
we have been paving
you have been paving
he/she/it has been paving
they have been paving
I had been paving
we had been paving
you had been paving
he/she/it had been paving
they had been paving
I will have been paving
we will have been paving
you will have been paving
he/she/it will have been paving
they will have been paving
I would have paved
we would have paved
you would have paved
he/she/it would have paved
they would have paved
I would be paving
we would be paving
you would be paving
he/she/it would be paving
they would be paving
I would have been paving
we would have been paving
you would have been paving
he/she/it would have been paving
they would have been paving