How Do You Spell PAVING?

Correct spelling for the English word "paving" is [p_ˈeɪ_v_ɪ_ŋ], [pˈe͡ɪvɪŋ], [pˈe‍ɪvɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PAVING

Below is the list of 128 misspellings for the word "paving".

Plural form of PAVING is PAVINGS

Definition of PAVING

  1. Flooring with stones.

Anagrams of PAVING

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for PAVING

  1. From time to time he uttered savage ejaculations which promised ill for the prefect's future peace, either in this world or in the next, but the sound of the wheels rolling upon the uneven paving- stones prevented his voice from reaching the two women. - "Sant' Ilario" by F. Marion Crawford
  2. Yet his friends had to defend his relation to a paving scandal in the District of Columbia and an unwise connection with the Credit Mobilier of 1873. In neither of these cases does Garfield seem to have been corrupt, but in neither does he appear in a highly favorable light. - "The United States Since The Civil War" by Charles Ramsdell Lingley

Conjugate verb Paving


I would pave
we would pave
you would pave
he/she/it would pave
they would pave


I will pave
we will pave
you will pave
he/she/it will pave
they will pave


I will have paved
we will have paved
you will have paved
he/she/it will have paved
they will have paved


I paved
we paved
you paved
he/she/it paved
they paved


I had paved
we had paved
you had paved
he/she/it had paved
they had paved


I pave
we pave
you pave
he/she/it paves
they pave


I have paved
we have paved
you have paved
he/she/it has paved
they have paved
I am paving
we are paving
you are paving
he/she/it is paving
they are paving
I was paving
we were paving
you were paving
he/she/it was paving
they were paving
I will be paving
we will be paving
you will be paving
he/she/it will be paving
they will be paving
I have been paving
we have been paving
you have been paving
he/she/it has been paving
they have been paving
I had been paving
we had been paving
you had been paving
he/she/it had been paving
they had been paving
I will have been paving
we will have been paving
you will have been paving
he/she/it will have been paving
they will have been paving
I would have paved
we would have paved
you would have paved
he/she/it would have paved
they would have paved
I would be paving
we would be paving
you would be paving
he/she/it would be paving
they would be paving
I would have been paving
we would have been paving
you would have been paving
he/she/it would have been paving
they would have been paving