How Do You Spell PEAKING?

The word "peaking" has an unusual spelling that can be confusing to many readers. It is pronounced /ˈpiːkɪŋ/, with a long "e" sound in the first syllable and a hard "k" sound in the second. The "-ing" ending is common in many words, but the unique spelling of the first syllable can trip readers up. To help remember the correct spelling, it may be helpful to associate it with the related word "peak," which refers to the top of a mountain or other high point.

Common Misspellings for PEAKING

Plural form of PEAKING is PEAKINGS

12 words made out of letters PEAKING

5 letters

6 letters

7 letters

Conjugate verb Peaking


I would peak
we would peak
you would peak
he/she/it would peak
they would peak


I will peak
we will peak
you will peak
he/she/it will peak
they will peak


I will have peaked
we will have peaked
you will have peaked
he/she/it will have peaked
they will have peaked


I peaked
we peaked
you peaked
he/she/it peaked
they peaked


I had peaked
we had peaked
you had peaked
he/she/it had peaked
they had peaked


I peak
we peak
you peak
he/she/it peaks
they peak


I have peaked
we have peaked
you have peaked
he/she/it has peaked
they have peaked
I am peaking
we are peaking
you are peaking
he/she/it is peaking
they are peaking
I was peaking
we were peaking
you were peaking
he/she/it was peaking
they were peaking
I will be peaking
we will be peaking
you will be peaking
he/she/it will be peaking
they will be peaking
I have been peaking
we have been peaking
you have been peaking
he/she/it has been peaking
they have been peaking
I had been peaking
we had been peaking
you had been peaking
he/she/it had been peaking
they had been peaking
I will have been peaking
we will have been peaking
you will have been peaking
he/she/it will have been peaking
they will have been peaking
I would have peaked
we would have peaked
you would have peaked
he/she/it would have peaked
they would have peaked
I would be peaking
we would be peaking
you would be peaking
he/she/it would be peaking
they would be peaking
I would have been peaking
we would have been peaking
you would have been peaking
he/she/it would have been peaking
they would have been peaking


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