How Do You Spell PEEKS?

Correct spelling for the English word "peeks" is [p_ˈiː_k_s], [pˈiːks], [pˈiːks]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PEEKS

Below is the list of 81 misspellings for the word "peeks".

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Anagrams of PEEKS

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Usage Examples for PEEKS

  1. Now he stretches his wings like a monstrous bat; Peeks over his shoulder, this way an' that, 25 Fer to see 'f the' 's anyone passin' by; But the' 's on'y a ca'f an' a goslin' nigh. - "Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year" by E.C. Hartwell
  2. It gets up on a hill and peeks over at you, but will never come in to lunch. - "Ma Pettengill" by Harry Leon Wilson

Conjugate verb Peeks


I would peek
we would peek
you would peek
he/she/it would peek
they would peek


I will peek
we will peek
you will peek
he/she/it will peek
they will peek


I will have peeked
we will have peeked
you will have peeked
he/she/it will have peeked
they will have peeked


I peeked
we peeked
you peeked
he/she/it peeked
they peeked


I had peeked
we had peeked
you had peeked
he/she/it had peeked
they had peeked


I peek
we peek
you peek
he/she/it peeks
they peek


I have peeked
we have peeked
you have peeked
he/she/it has peeked
they have peeked
I am peeking
we are peeking
you are peeking
he/she/it is peeking
they are peeking
I was peeking
we were peeking
you were peeking
he/she/it was peeking
they were peeking
I will be peeking
we will be peeking
you will be peeking
he/she/it will be peeking
they will be peeking
I have been peeking
we have been peeking
you have been peeking
he/she/it has been peeking
they have been peeking
I had been peeking
we had been peeking
you had been peeking
he/she/it had been peeking
they had been peeking
I will have been peeking
we will have been peeking
you will have been peeking
he/she/it will have been peeking
they will have been peeking
I would have peeked
we would have peeked
you would have peeked
he/she/it would have peeked
they would have peeked
I would be peeking
we would be peeking
you would be peeking
he/she/it would be peeking
they would be peeking
I would have been peeking
we would have been peeking
you would have been peeking
he/she/it would have been peeking
they would have been peeking