How Do You Spell PER?

Pronunciation: [pˈɜː] (IPA)

The word "per" is spelled with just three letters, yet it has a complex pronunciation. The IPA phonetic transcription for "per" is /pər/. The first sound, /p/, is a voiceless bilabial plosive, which means that it is produced by pushing air out of the mouth using both lips. The second sound, /ə/, is a mid-central vowel that is pronounced with the mouth relaxed and open. The final sound, /r/, is pronounced with the tongue positioned towards the back of the mouth while the air passes over it.

PER Meaning and Definition

  1. Per is a preposition that is commonly used to indicate a rate, ratio, or frequency of something with respect to another quantity or unit. It signifies "for each" or "according to each" and is derived from the Latin term "per," meaning "through" or "by means of."

    In a literal sense, per denotes division or distribution. For instance, if an individual earns $10 per hour, it means they receive $10 for each hour of work completed. Similarly, if a vehicle travels at a speed of 60 miles per hour, it represents the distance covered in miles for every hour spent in motion.

    Moreover, per can indicate an average or standard unit of measurement. For instance, nutritional labels on food items often include information about nutrients per serving, representing the amount of the respective nutrient contained in each standard portion. Additionally, insurance rates may be described as per $1,000 of the insured amount, indicating the premium cost for each $1,000 value being protected.

    Furthermore, per can indicate a specific time frame or occupancy limit. For instance, a parking lot may have a restriction of two cars per household, implying a maximum of two vehicles allowed per household. Similarly, ticket sales for an event may be limited to three per person, indicating a maximum of three tickets that can be purchased by an individual.

    In summary, per is a versatile preposition that denotes a rate, ratio, frequency, or standard unit. It is commonly used to express division, distribution, measurement, or limitation.

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Etymology of PER

The word "per" originated from Latin and is a preposition meaning "through", "by means of", or "according to". Its etymology can be traced back to the Latin word "per" itself, which had the same meaning. The Latin term "per" ultimately derives from Indo-European roots and has cognates in several other languages, such as Greek "peri" and Sanskrit "pará". Over time, "per" was borrowed and adapted into various other languages, including English, where it is commonly used as a preposition to indicate division, rate, or proportion.

Idioms with the word PER

  • per capita The idiom "per capita" refers to a measurement or estimation made on the average per person in a specific population or group. It is derived from the Latin phrase "per capita" which translates to "by heads" or "for each person." It is commonly used in statistical or economic contexts to compare indicators, such as income, consumption, or resources, on an individual basis within a given population.
  • as per The idiom "as per" is used to indicate that something is being done or followed according to a specific instruction, request, or agreement. It means "according to" or "in accordance with."
  • as per instructions The idiom "as per instructions" means to do something exactly as directed or according to specific instructions provided. It implies strict adherence to the given guidelines without deviation or modification.
  • as per usual/normal The idiom "as per usual/normal" is used to describe a situation or behavior that is typical, predictable, or expected. It implies that something is happening or being done in the usual or customary manner, without any deviation or surprise.
  • as per usual The definition of the idiom "as per usual" is to describe something that is happening or behaving in the usual or expected manner. It implies a sense of predictability or regularity in a situation or person's behavior.
  • as per something The idiom "as per something" means to follow or align with a specific directive, instruction, or requirement. It indicates that something is done in accordance with a given standard or as stated in a particular document or agreement. It emphasizes conformity to a specified command or guideline.
  • a/one hundred per cent The idiom "a/one hundred per cent" means completely, entirely, or fully. It signifies that something or someone is thoroughly or wholly committed, dedicated, accurate, authentic, or true to a particular aspect or quality. It emphasizes a high degree of certainty, correctness, or reliability.
  • a/per head "A/per head" is an idiom that refers to something being calculated or measured individually for each person, usually in terms of cost or quantity. It is often used in the context of pricing, expenses, or allocations based on the number of individuals involved.

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