How Do You Spell PERCHED?

Correct spelling for the English word "perched" is [p_ˈɜː_tʃ_t], [pˈɜːt͡ʃt], [pˈɜːt‍ʃt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PERCHED

Below is the list of 164 misspellings for the word "perched".

Similar spelling words for PERCHED

Definition of PERCHED

  1. (especially of ears) quickly lifted up or out in attention; `perched' is obsolete; "a dog with perked ears"

Anagrams of PERCHED

6 letters

  • cheder.

5 letters

Usage Examples for PERCHED

  1. As I drew nigh I spied Terry perched upon the top of a load of hay holding the reins, and urging forward the horse, in the ascent of a very steep hill. - "Stories and Sketches" by Harriet S. Caswell
  2. When they were there, the store- keeper perched himself on a high stool, hooked his toes under a round, thrust his face forward, and said: " Here's my business, straight and to the point. - "King Spruce, A Novel" by Holman Day

Conjugate verb Perched


I would perch
we would perch
you would perch
he/she/it would perch
they would perch


I will perch
we will perch
you will perch
he/she/it will perch
they will perch


I will have perched
we will have perched
you will have perched
he/she/it will have perched
they will have perched


I perched
we perched
you perched
he/she/it perched
they perched


I had perched
we had perched
you had perched
he/she/it had perched
they had perched


I perch
we perch
you perch
he/she/it perches
they perch


I have perched
we have perched
you have perched
he/she/it has perched
they have perched
I am perching
we are perching
you are perching
he/she/it is perching
they are perching
I was perching
we were perching
you were perching
he/she/it was perching
they were perching
I will be perching
we will be perching
you will be perching
he/she/it will be perching
they will be perching
I have been perching
we have been perching
you have been perching
he/she/it has been perching
they have been perching
I had been perching
we had been perching
you had been perching
he/she/it had been perching
they had been perching
I will have been perching
we will have been perching
you will have been perching
he/she/it will have been perching
they will have been perching
I would have perched
we would have perched
you would have perched
he/she/it would have perched
they would have perched
I would be perching
we would be perching
you would be perching
he/she/it would be perching
they would be perching
I would have been perching
we would have been perching
you would have been perching
he/she/it would have been perching
they would have been perching