How Do You Spell PERSECUTED?

Correct spelling for the English word "persecuted" is [p_ˈɜː_s_ɪ_k_j_ˌuː_t_ɪ_d], [pˈɜːsɪkjˌuːtɪd], [pˈɜːsɪkjˌuːtɪd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PERSECUTED

Below is the list of 291 misspellings for the word "persecuted".

Similar spelling words for PERSECUTED

Definition of PERSECUTED

  1. Harassed and afflicted by the enmity of another.

Anagrams of PERSECUTED

9 letters

8 letters

Usage Examples for PERSECUTED

  1. The weaker ones he persecuted. - "Pretty Michal" by Mór Jókai
  2. Wherever they live in perceptible numbers, they are more or less persecuted. - "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl Commentator: Louis Lipsky Alex Bein

Conjugate verb Persecuted


I would persecute
we would persecute
you would persecute
he/she/it would persecute
they would persecute


I will persecute
we will persecute
you will persecute
he/she/it will persecute
they will persecute


I will have persecuted
we will have persecuted
you will have persecuted
he/she/it will have persecuted
they will have persecuted


I persecuted
we persecuted
you persecuted
he/she/it persecuted
they persecuted


I had persecuted
we had persecuted
you had persecuted
he/she/it had persecuted
they had persecuted


I persecute
we persecute
you persecute
he/she/it persecutes
they persecute


I have persecuted
we have persecuted
you have persecuted
he/she/it has persecuted
they have persecuted
I am persecuting
we are persecuting
you are persecuting
he/she/it is persecuting
they are persecuting
I was persecuting
we were persecuting
you were persecuting
he/she/it was persecuting
they were persecuting
I will be persecuting
we will be persecuting
you will be persecuting
he/she/it will be persecuting
they will be persecuting
I have been persecuting
we have been persecuting
you have been persecuting
he/she/it has been persecuting
they have been persecuting
I had been persecuting
we had been persecuting
you had been persecuting
he/she/it had been persecuting
they had been persecuting
I will have been persecuting
we will have been persecuting
you will have been persecuting
he/she/it will have been persecuting
they will have been persecuting
I would have persecuted
we would have persecuted
you would have persecuted
he/she/it would have persecuted
they would have persecuted
I would be persecuting
we would be persecuting
you would be persecuting
he/she/it would be persecuting
they would be persecuting
I would have been persecuting
we would have been persecuting
you would have been persecuting
he/she/it would have been persecuting
they would have been persecuting