How Do You Spell PEWIT, PEWET?

The spelling variation of the word "pewit" or "pewet" can be a source of confusion for some. The phonetic transcription of this word is /ˈpjuː.ɪt/, with a stressed "pew" sound and a short "it" at the end. The variation in spelling can be attributed to regional differences and dialects. "Pewit" is the more widely accepted spelling in British English, while "pewet" is commonly used in Scottish dialects. Nevertheless, both spellings refer to the same bird species with a distinctive call and striking green plumage.

Common Misspellings for PEWIT, PEWET

  • pewit, pewut
  • pewit, pewmt
  • pewit, pewat
  • pewit, pewgt
  • pewit, pewe4
  • pewit, pewed
  • pewit, pewep
  • pewit, pewev
  • pewit, peweu
  • pewit,pewhet
  • pewhit,pewet
  • pe wit, pewet
  • pew it, pewet
  • pewit, pe wet
  • pewit, pew et
  • pewit, pewe t


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