How Do You Spell PEWTER?

Correct spelling for the English word "pewter" is [pjˈuːtə], [pjˈuːtə], [p_j_ˈuː_t_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PEWTER

Below is the list of 200 misspellings for the word "pewter".

Similar spelling words for PEWTER

Plural form of PEWTER is PEWTERS

Definition of PEWTER

  1. any of various alloys of tin with small amounts of other metals (especially lead)

Anagrams of PEWTER

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Usage Examples for PEWTER

  1. There were some pewter plates, which were now lodged under the beech, together with pots and pans, knives and forks, and horn spoons. - "The Settlers at Home" by Harriet Martineau
  2. The three came out, accompanied by the herdsman Lagarmitte, nicknamed Trumpet, and the anabaptist Pelsly- a silent man, having his arms buried to the elbows in the deep pockets of his gray woollen tunic trimmed with pewter clasps, with an immense beard, and the tassel of his cotton cap half way down his back. - "The Invasion of France in 1814" by Émile Erckmann Alexandre Chatrian
  3. Ordinarily the spoons were pewter. - "The Revolution in Tanner's Lane" by Mark Rutherford
  4. Later, pewter- ware supplanted wood and while earthen- ware trays and pots were mentioned, in a few inventories, and were used in the dairy, and while earthen- ware was produced in the Colony by 1675, it did not come into general use for dining during the seventeenth century. - "Domestic Life in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century Jamestown 350th Anniversary Historical Booklet Number 17" by Annie Lash Jester
  5. The float is used to some extent upon bone, horn, and ivory, but principally by plumbers and workers in lead, pewter, and similar soft metals. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II" by Joshua Rose

Conjugate verb Pewter


I would pewter
we would pewter
you would pewter
he/she/it would pewter
they would pewter


I will pewter
we will pewter
you will pewter
he/she/it will pewter
they will pewter


I will have pewtered
we will have pewtered
you will have pewtered
he/she/it will have pewtered
they will have pewtered


I pewtered
we pewtered
you pewtered
he/she/it pewtered
they pewtered


I had pewtered
we had pewtered
you had pewtered
he/she/it had pewtered
they had pewtered


I pewter
we pewter
you pewter
he/she/it pewters
they pewter


I have pewtered
we have pewtered
you have pewtered
he/she/it has pewtered
they have pewtered
I am pewtering
we are pewtering
you are pewtering
he/she/it is pewtering
they are pewtering
I was pewtering
we were pewtering
you were pewtering
he/she/it was pewtering
they were pewtering
I will be pewtering
we will be pewtering
you will be pewtering
he/she/it will be pewtering
they will be pewtering
I have been pewtering
we have been pewtering
you have been pewtering
he/she/it has been pewtering
they have been pewtering
I had been pewtering
we had been pewtering
you had been pewtering
he/she/it had been pewtering
they had been pewtering
I will have been pewtering
we will have been pewtering
you will have been pewtering
he/she/it will have been pewtering
they will have been pewtering
I would have pewtered
we would have pewtered
you would have pewtered
he/she/it would have pewtered
they would have pewtered
I would be pewtering
we would be pewtering
you would be pewtering
he/she/it would be pewtering
they would be pewtering
I would have been pewtering
we would have been pewtering
you would have been pewtering
he/she/it would have been pewtering
they would have been pewtering