How Do You Spell PHIL?

Correct spelling for the English word "Phil" is [f_ˈɪ_l], [fˈɪl], [fˈɪl]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PHIL

Below is the list of 101 misspellings for the word "phil". Misspellings percentages are collected from over 510 000 spell check sessions on from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Usage Examples for PHIL

  1. Phil Phil our child will die - "The Marrow of Tradition" by Charles W. Chesnutt
  2. You should not have left her there Phil said Mrs Rowles - "Littlebourne Lock" by F. Bayford Harrison
  3. Phil and I will carry him - "Hildegarde's Harvest" by Laura E. Richards
  4. Come fellows said Phil when they had been standing there talking some time come let us go and see if any thing is left - "Aunt Fanny's Story-Book for Little Boys and Girls" by Frances Elizabeth Barrow
  5. 1827 May 9 On some Passages in Mr Ivory's Remarks Phil - "Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy" by George Biddell Airy