How Do You Spell PIECES?

Correct spelling for the English word "pieces" is [p_ˈiː_s_ɪ_z], [pˈiːsɪz], [pˈiːsɪz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PIECES

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Definition of PIECES

  1. (1) of silver. In Psalms 68:30 denotes "fragments," and not properly money. In 1 Samuel 2:36 (Heb. agorah), properly a "small sum" as wages, weighed rather than coined. Joshua 24:32 (Heb. kesitah, q.v.), supposed by some to have been a piece of money bearing the figure of a lamb, but rather simply a certain amount. (Compare Genesis 33:19 ). The word pieces is omitted in many passages, as Genesis 20:16 ; 37:28 ; 45:22 , etc. The passage in Zech 11:12,13is quoted in the Gospel ( Matthew 26:15 ), and from this we know that the word to be supplied is "shekels." In all these omissions we may thus warrantably supply this word.

Anagrams of PIECES

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Usage Examples for PIECES

  1. Suppose I'd fall to pieces if I tried it right now? - "The Bells of San Juan" by Jackson Gregory
  2. Pretty soon, however, my pupils began calling for Schumann's pieces, and Schumann moved up from the cellar to the main floor. - "Memories of a Musical Life" by William Mason

What does pieces stand for?

Abbreviation PIECES means:

  1. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Capabilities, Environment, Social
  2. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Capabilities, Environment, Social ( Canada)

Conjugate verb Pieces


I would piece
we would piece
you would piece
he/she/it would piece
they would piece


I will piece
we will piece
you will piece
he/she/it will piece
they will piece


I will have pieced
we will have pieced
you will have pieced
he/she/it will have pieced
they will have pieced


I pieced
we pieced
you pieced
he/she/it pieced
they pieced


I had pieced
we had pieced
you had pieced
he/she/it had pieced
they had pieced


I piece
we piece
you piece
he/she/it pieces
they piece


I have pieced
we have pieced
you have pieced
he/she/it has pieced
they have pieced
I am piecing
we are piecing
you are piecing
he/she/it is piecing
they are piecing
I was piecing
we were piecing
you were piecing
he/she/it was piecing
they were piecing
I will be piecing
we will be piecing
you will be piecing
he/she/it will be piecing
they will be piecing
I have been piecing
we have been piecing
you have been piecing
he/she/it has been piecing
they have been piecing
I had been piecing
we had been piecing
you had been piecing
he/she/it had been piecing
they had been piecing
I will have been piecing
we will have been piecing
you will have been piecing
he/she/it will have been piecing
they will have been piecing
I would have pieced
we would have pieced
you would have pieced
he/she/it would have pieced
they would have pieced
I would be piecing
we would be piecing
you would be piecing
he/she/it would be piecing
they would be piecing
I would have been piecing
we would have been piecing
you would have been piecing
he/she/it would have been piecing
they would have been piecing