How Do You Spell PIKA?

The word "pika" is spelled like it sounds, with the IPA phonetic transcription of [ˈpiːkə]. The first sound is a long "ee" vowel, followed by a "k" sound and an "uh" sound for the last syllable. "Pika" refers to a small mammal related to rabbits that lives in rocky areas. While its spelling may seem straightforward, the pronunciation can vary in different languages and dialects. Overall, it is a simple word to spell and pronounce for English speakers.

Common Misspellings for PIKA

  • 0ika
  • puka
  • pjka
  • pkka
  • p9ka
  • p8ka
  • pikz
  • pikw
  • pikq
  • opika
  • poika
  • lpika
  • plika
  • p-ika
  • 0pika
  • p0ika
  • puika
  • piuka
  • pjika
  • pilka

Similar spelling words for PIKA

Plural form of PIKA is PIKAS

17 words made out of letters PIKA

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