How Do You Spell PIRATES?

Correct spelling for the English word "pirates" is [p_ˈaɪ_ɹ_ə_t_s], [pˈa͡ɪɹəts], [pˈa‍ɪɹəts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PIRATES

Below is the list of 309 misspellings for the word "pirates".

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Anagrams of PIRATES

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Usage Examples for PIRATES

  1. I brightened up a little at the story of Paul Jones at St. Mary's Isle, because pirates are always nice, and he was classic. - "The Heather-Moon" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  2. These pirates injure both land seekers and legitimate real- estate men. - "A Stake in the Land" by Peter Alexander Speek

Conjugate verb Pirates


I would pirate
we would pirate
you would pirate
he/she/it would pirate
they would pirate


I will pirate
we will pirate
you will pirate
he/she/it will pirate
they will pirate


I will have pirated
we will have pirated
you will have pirated
he/she/it will have pirated
they will have pirated


I pirated
we pirated
you pirated
he/she/it pirated
they pirated


I had pirated
we had pirated
you had pirated
he/she/it had pirated
they had pirated


I pirate
we pirate
you pirate
he/she/it pirates
they pirate


I have pirated
we have pirated
you have pirated
he/she/it has pirated
they have pirated
I am pirating
we are pirating
you are pirating
he/she/it is pirating
they are pirating
I was pirating
we were pirating
you were pirating
he/she/it was pirating
they were pirating
I will be pirating
we will be pirating
you will be pirating
he/she/it will be pirating
they will be pirating
I have been pirating
we have been pirating
you have been pirating
he/she/it has been pirating
they have been pirating
I had been pirating
we had been pirating
you had been pirating
he/she/it had been pirating
they had been pirating
I will have been pirating
we will have been pirating
you will have been pirating
he/she/it will have been pirating
they will have been pirating
I would have pirated
we would have pirated
you would have pirated
he/she/it would have pirated
they would have pirated
I would be pirating
we would be pirating
you would be pirating
he/she/it would be pirating
they would be pirating
I would have been pirating
we would have been pirating
you would have been pirating
he/she/it would have been pirating
they would have been pirating