How Do You Spell PLEADS?

Correct spelling for the English word "pleads" is [plˈiːdz], [plˈiːdz], [p_l_ˈiː_d_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PLEADS

Below is the list of 103 misspellings for the word "pleads".

Similar spelling words for PLEADS

50 words made out of letters PLEADS

4 letters

  • peas,
  • dale,
  • ales,
  • pale,
  • laps,
  • pads,
  • leas,
  • alps,
  • pled,
  • lead,
  • deal,
  • peal,
  • apse,
  • adsl,
  • apes,
  • sled,
  • alep,
  • lade,
  • leda,
  • seal,
  • leap,
  • lads,
  • salp,
  • pals,
  • sade,
  • sale,
  • sped,
  • plea,
  • slap,
  • aped,
  • adps,
  • lase.

5 letters

  • lades,
  • leads,
  • pales,
  • leaps,
  • dales,
  • lased,
  • pedal,
  • plead,
  • deals,
  • spade,
  • lepas,
  • pleas,
  • sepal,
  • lapse,
  • paled,
  • peals.

6 letters

  • pedals,
  • lapsed.

Conjugate verb Pleads


I would plead
we would plead
you would plead
he/she/it would plead
they would plead


I will plead
we will plead
you will plead
he/she/it will plead
they will plead


I will have pleaded
we will have pleaded
you will have pleaded
he/she/it will have pleaded
they will have pleaded


I pleaded
we pleaded
you pleaded
he/she/it pleaded
they pleaded


I had pleaded
we had pleaded
you had pleaded
he/she/it had pleaded
they had pleaded


I plead
we plead
you plead
he/she/it pleads
they plead


I have pleaded
we have pleaded
you have pleaded
he/she/it has pleaded
they have pleaded
I am pleading
we are pleading
you are pleading
he/she/it is pleading
they are pleading
I was pleading
we were pleading
you were pleading
he/she/it was pleading
they were pleading
I will be pleading
we will be pleading
you will be pleading
he/she/it will be pleading
they will be pleading
I have been pleading
we have been pleading
you have been pleading
he/she/it has been pleading
they have been pleading
I had been pleading
we had been pleading
you had been pleading
he/she/it had been pleading
they had been pleading
I will have been pleading
we will have been pleading
you will have been pleading
he/she/it will have been pleading
they will have been pleading
I would have pleaded
we would have pleaded
you would have pleaded
he/she/it would have pleaded
they would have pleaded
I would be pleading
we would be pleading
you would be pleading
he/she/it would be pleading
they would be pleading
I would have been pleading
we would have been pleading
you would have been pleading
he/she/it would have been pleading
they would have been pleading


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