How Do You Spell PLUNDERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "plunders" is [plˈʌndəz], [plˈʌndəz], [p_l_ˈʌ_n_d_ə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PLUNDERS

Below is the list of 21 misspellings for the word "plunders".

Similar spelling words for PLUNDERS

Anagrams of PLUNDERS

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Usage Examples for PLUNDERS

  1. Incessantly in search of food, it kills animals larger and stronger than itself, seizes the deer which the hunter has just shot, plunders the baits on his traps, or the game these have taken. - "Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom" by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  2. 3. When nobody plunders anybody. - "Essays on Political Economy" by Frederic Bastiat

Conjugate verb Plunders


I would plunder
we would plunder
you would plunder
he/she/it would plunder
they would plunder


I will plunder
we will plunder
you will plunder
he/she/it will plunder
they will plunder


I will have plundered
we will have plundered
you will have plundered
he/she/it will have plundered
they will have plundered


I plundered
we plundered
you plundered
he/she/it plundered
they plundered


I had plundered
we had plundered
you had plundered
he/she/it had plundered
they had plundered


I plunder
we plunder
you plunder
he/she/it plunders
they plunder


I have plundered
we have plundered
you have plundered
he/she/it has plundered
they have plundered
I am plundering
we are plundering
you are plundering
he/she/it is plundering
they are plundering
I was plundering
we were plundering
you were plundering
he/she/it was plundering
they were plundering
I will be plundering
we will be plundering
you will be plundering
he/she/it will be plundering
they will be plundering
I have been plundering
we have been plundering
you have been plundering
he/she/it has been plundering
they have been plundering
I had been plundering
we had been plundering
you had been plundering
he/she/it had been plundering
they had been plundering
I will have been plundering
we will have been plundering
you will have been plundering
he/she/it will have been plundering
they will have been plundering
I would have plundered
we would have plundered
you would have plundered
he/she/it would have plundered
they would have plundered
I would be plundering
we would be plundering
you would be plundering
he/she/it would be plundering
they would be plundering
I would have been plundering
we would have been plundering
you would have been plundering
he/she/it would have been plundering
they would have been plundering