How Do You Spell PO4?

The chemical formula "PO4" is composed of one phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms. In terms of pronunciation, "P" is pronounced as "pee" represented as /pi/ in IPA, while "O" is pronounced as "oh" represented as /oʊ/. Together, "PO" is pronounced as "pee-oh" /piːoʊ/. Lastly, the subscript "4" denotes that there are four oxygen atoms attached to the phosphorus atom. Thus, the entire word is pronounced as "pee-oh-four" /piːoʊfɔːr/. The spelling of this word follows the basic rules of chemistry nomenclature.

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Anagrams for PO4

Common Misspellings for PO4

  • opo4
  • p-o4
  • poi4
  • pko4
  • po04
  • p9o4
  • po94
  • po34
  • po43
  • po54
  • po45
  • po44
  • po 4

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