How Do You Spell POACHED?

The word "poached" is spelled with five letters and pronounced /pəʊtʃt/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is a verb that refers to cooking food, especially eggs, by immersing them in simmering water. The spelling of "poached" follows English spelling rules with the combination of letters "oa" pronounced as /əʊ/ and the letter "ch" pronounced as /tʃ/. The word is commonly used in recipes and cooking techniques, and its correct spelling is essential for clear communication in the culinary world.

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Conjugate verb Poached


I would poach
we would poach
you would poach
he/she/it would poach
they would poach


I will poach
we will poach
you will poach
he/she/it will poach
they will poach


I will have poached
we will have poached
you will have poached
he/she/it will have poached
they will have poached


I poached
we poached
you poached
he/she/it poached
they poached


I had poached
we had poached
you had poached
he/she/it had poached
they had poached


I poach
we poach
you poach
he/she/it poaches
they poach


I have poached
we have poached
you have poached
he/she/it has poached
they have poached
I am poaching
we are poaching
you are poaching
he/she/it is poaching
they are poaching
I was poaching
we were poaching
you were poaching
he/she/it was poaching
they were poaching
I will be poaching
we will be poaching
you will be poaching
he/she/it will be poaching
they will be poaching
I have been poaching
we have been poaching
you have been poaching
he/she/it has been poaching
they have been poaching
I had been poaching
we had been poaching
you had been poaching
he/she/it had been poaching
they had been poaching
I will have been poaching
we will have been poaching
you will have been poaching
he/she/it will have been poaching
they will have been poaching
I would have poached
we would have poached
you would have poached
he/she/it would have poached
they would have poached
I would be poaching
we would be poaching
you would be poaching
he/she/it would be poaching
they would be poaching
I would have been poaching
we would have been poaching
you would have been poaching
he/she/it would have been poaching
they would have been poaching


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