How Do You Spell POCH?

The word "POCH" is an English adjective that means "sudden." The pronunciation of this word is transcribed as /pɒtʃ/ in IPA. The first sound, /p/, is an unvoiced bilabial plosive, followed by the open-mid back unrounded vowel /ɒ/. The next sound, /t/, is an unvoiced alveolar plosive, and the final sound, /ʃ/, is an unvoiced postalveolar fricative. Remembering the correct spelling of "POCH" can be aided by remembering its unique pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for POCH

  • p-och
  • 0poch
  • poxch
  • pocxh
  • pocvh
  • pochg
  • pocjh
  • pochj
  • pocyh
  • pochh

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