How Do You Spell POINTED?

Correct spelling for the English word "pointed" is [p_ˈɔɪ_n_t_ɪ_d], [pˈɔ͡ɪntɪd], [pˈɔ‍ɪntɪd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for POINTED

Below is the list of 334 misspellings for the word "pointed".

Similar spelling words for POINTED

Definition of POINTED

  1. Sharp; keen; direct.

Anagrams of POINTED

6 letters

  • opined,
  • ponied.

5 letters

Usage Examples for POINTED

  1. " Go into the other room"- he pointed. - "The Judgment House" by Gilbert Parker
  2. So saying, Rollo pointed to the shore towards which the boat was going. - "Rollo in Geneva" by Jacob Abbott
  3. He pointed to one of the girls in the picture. - "Clematis" by Bertha B. Cobb Ernest Cobb
  4. He pointed this out to Morcombe in second hall that evening. - "The Loom of Youth" by Alec Waugh
  5. You were pointed out to me. - "Marriage à la mode" by Mrs. Humphry Ward

Conjugate verb Pointed


I would point
we would point
you would point
he/she/it would point
they would point


I will point
we will point
you will point
he/she/it will point
they will point


I will have pointed
we will have pointed
you will have pointed
he/she/it will have pointed
they will have pointed


I pointed
we pointed
you pointed
he/she/it pointed
they pointed


I had pointed
we had pointed
you had pointed
he/she/it had pointed
they had pointed


I point
we point
you point
he/she/it points
they point


I have pointed
we have pointed
you have pointed
he/she/it has pointed
they have pointed
I am pointing
we are pointing
you are pointing
he/she/it is pointing
they are pointing
I was pointing
we were pointing
you were pointing
he/she/it was pointing
they were pointing
I will be pointing
we will be pointing
you will be pointing
he/she/it will be pointing
they will be pointing
I have been pointing
we have been pointing
you have been pointing
he/she/it has been pointing
they have been pointing
I had been pointing
we had been pointing
you had been pointing
he/she/it had been pointing
they had been pointing
I will have been pointing
we will have been pointing
you will have been pointing
he/she/it will have been pointing
they will have been pointing
I would have pointed
we would have pointed
you would have pointed
he/she/it would have pointed
they would have pointed
I would be pointing
we would be pointing
you would be pointing
he/she/it would be pointing
they would be pointing
I would have been pointing
we would have been pointing
you would have been pointing
he/she/it would have been pointing
they would have been pointing