How Do You Spell POOL?

Pronunciation: [pˈuːl] (IPA)

The word "pool" is spelled as /puːl/, with the phonetic transcription indicating a long "oo" sound in the first syllable. This word is commonly used to refer to a small body of water, often for swimming. The spelling of the word comes from its origin in Old English, where it was spelled as "pōl". Despite its simple spelling, the word "pool" can have multiple meanings and contexts, such as in gambling or finance.

POOL Meaning and Definition

  1. 1. Pool (noun): A large area of water, either natural or artificial, that is usually enclosed or contained. Pools can be found in various forms, including swimming pools, reflecting pools, tide pools, and wading pools.

    2. Pool (noun): A collective source or reserve of something, such as resources, knowledge, or money, that is shared or contributed to by a group of individuals or organizations. It implies a joint effort or cooperation for a common purpose.

    3. Pool (noun): In card games or gambling, a pool refers to a sum of money or other valuables that is accumulated through wagers or contributions, which is then awarded to the winner or winners.

    4. Pool (noun): A group of people who come together to put their money, skills, or resources into a common fund or venture, often for investment purposes or collective ownership. This can refer to activities like carpooling, lottery pools, or investment pools.

    5. Pool (verb): To combine or merge resources, efforts, or knowledge with others for a common purpose or goal. It typically involves the act of sharing or combining resources, such as money, ideas, or equipment.

    6. Pool (verb): In billiards or other cue sports, to strike or hit the cue ball in such a way that it causes one or more object balls to enter one of the pockets on the table.

    Overall, the term "pool" encompasses a range of meanings, from a body of water to a shared resource or activity where individuals come together for a common objective.

  2. A collection of blood in any region of the body, due to a dilatation of and retardation of the circulation in the capillaries and veins of the part.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. A piece of standing water less than a lake; a small collection of water, or of a liquid, in a hollow.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of POOL

The word "pool" originated from the Old English word "pōl", which was derived from the Proto-Germanic word "pōlaz". This word meant a small body of still water or pond. The Old English word was primarily used to refer to natural bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds. Over time, the word "pool" expanded in meaning to include artificial bodies of water, such as swimming pools or billiard pools.

Idioms with the word POOL

  • dirty pool The idiom "dirty pool" is typically used to describe unfair or unethical behavior, particularly in a competitive or confrontational situation. It refers to actions that are deceitful, underhanded, or morally wrong in order to gain an advantage over others.
  • pool-hopping The act of jumping from one swimming pool to another, especially when done illegally or without permission.

Similar spelling words for POOL

Conjugate verb Pool


I would have pooled
you would have pooled
he/she/it would have pooled
we would have pooled
they would have pooled


I would have been pooling
you would have been pooling
he/she/it would have been pooling
we would have been pooling
they would have been pooling


I would pool
you would pool
he/she/it would pool
we would pool
they would pool


I would be pooling
you would be pooling
he/she/it would be pooling
we would be pooling
they would be pooling


I will pool
you will pool
he/she/it will pool
we will pool
they will pool


I will be pooling
you will be pooling
he/she/it will be pooling
we will be pooling
they will be pooling


I will have pooled
you will have pooled
he/she/it will have pooled
we will have pooled
they will have pooled


I will have been pooling
you will have been pooling
he/she/it will have been pooling
we will have been pooling
they will have been pooling


we Let´s pool


I was pooling
you were pooling
he/she/it was pooling
we were pooling
they were pooling




I had pooled
you had pooled
he/she/it had pooled
we had pooled
they had pooled


I had been pooling
you had been pooling
he/she/it had been pooling
we had been pooling
they had been pooling


I pool
you pool
he/she/it pools
we pool
they pool


I am pooling
you are pooling
he/she/it is pooling
we are pooling
they are pooling




I have pooled
you have pooled
he/she/it has pooled
we have pooled
they have pooled


I have been pooling
you have been pooling
he/she/it has been pooling
we have been pooling
they have been pooling


he/she/it pool


I pooled
you pooled
he/she/it pooled
we pooled
they pooled


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