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How you can Make use of the Online Spell Checker for Portuguese Brazil - Português.

With our free Brazilian Portuguese spell check service, you can quickly and easily spell check your documents. Simply copy and paste your text into our Brazilian Portuguese spellchecker, click the button labeled “Spell Check,” and a window will appear with your text checked for spelling.

Incorrect words will appear in blue and underlined. Choose each incorrect word and select what option you would like to use to deal with it. You can change it to a correct spelling suggested by our Brazilian Portuguese spellchecker, change all instances of that word, ignore the word, ignore all instances of the word, or supply the correct spelling of the word yourself.

If you believe that the word is already correctly spelled, you can add it to the dictionary. We realize that many texts contain words specific to a narrow topic or technical field, therefore, you can add those words to your own custom user dictionary. You can instruct the spell-checker to ignore certain special types of words, like domain names and words which contain numbers.

Poorly spelled documents appear very unprofessional and may give the reader the impression that the author is lazy or incompetent. If you write or edit in Brazilian Portuguese, our spell check service has the potential to save you considerable worry and embarrassment. While a good author will already know how to spell correctly, even the best will sometimes make mistakes. Don't let one mistake made in a hasty moment ruin the work of hours; our Brazilian Portuguese spellchecker will easily spot these errors, for free.

Students who use Brazilian Portuguese can spell check their papers with our tools. Flawless spelling will set the correct academic tone of the paper, and will dispose your teacher to giving you a good grade. You future is affected by your academic performance. We can help you achieve the best possible results.

Those who try out our Brazilian Portuguese spell check utility and find it useful may wish to consider our other language tools as well. We offer free spell check in 25 languages, and offer grammar and thesaurus tools for English.