How Do You Spell PRODDING?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈɒdɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "prodding" is spelled with two d's after the letter 'o', because the vowel is short and closed. This means that when we say the word, our vocal cords vibrate only briefly before closing. The IPA phonetic transcription for "prodding" is /ˈprɒdɪŋ/. The stress is on the first syllable, and the letter 'r' is pronounced with a slightly rolled or tapped 'r' sound. The two letter 'd's are pronounced as a soft, voiced 'd' sound, with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth.

PRODDING Meaning and Definition

  1. Prodding refers to the act of using a pointed object, such as a finger or a stick, to poke or jab something or someone in order to make them move or react. It involves the application of gentle pressure or repeated nudging to encourage action or response. Prodding can be physical, where a person physically pushes or pokes an object or someone else, or metaphorical, where they use words or actions to push someone towards a particular course of action or behavior.

    In a literal sense, prodding is often used to move or stir an object, such as prodding a piece of meat on a grill or prodding a stubborn animal to make it move. Metaphorically, prodding can entail persistently urging or encouraging someone, usually through words or gestures, to take a specific action or adopt a certain attitude. This figurative usage is more commonly associated with motivating or encouraging someone into action, completing a task, or achieving a goal.

    Prodding can be seen as a gentle form of persuasion or motivation, typically used when dealing with hesitant or reluctant individuals. It suggests a certain persistence or insistence to obtain a response or push someone towards a desired outcome. While prodding can be considered a productive approach in some situations, it is important to recognize the appropriateness and effectiveness of this method in different contexts, as it may not always yield the desired results or may inadvertently cause discomfort or resistance.

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Etymology of PRODDING

The word "prodding" is derived from the verb "prod", which dates back to the late 16th century. The term "prod" originally meant to poke, jab, or stir with a pointed object, often with the intention of urging or pushing someone or something.

The etymology of "prod" can be traced to the Middle English word "prodd" or "proddyn", which means to poke or thrust. This Middle English term comes from the Old English word "proddian", which has a similar meaning.

Ultimately, the origin of "prod" is uncertain, but it is believed to be a Germanic word related to the Old Norse word "protha" (to spike) and the Middle Dutch word "proten" (to thrust).

Similar spelling words for PRODDING

Conjugate verb Prodding


I would prod
we would prod
you would prod
he/she/it would prod
they would prod


I will prod
we will prod
you will prod
he/she/it will prod
they will prod


I will have prodded
we will have prodded
you will have prodded
he/she/it will have prodded
they will have prodded


I prodded
we prodded
you prodded
he/she/it prodded
they prodded


I had prodded
we had prodded
you had prodded
he/she/it had prodded
they had prodded


I prod
we prod
you prod
he/she/it prods
they prod


I have prodded
we have prodded
you have prodded
he/she/it has prodded
they have prodded
I am prodding
we are prodding
you are prodding
he/she/it is prodding
they are prodding
I was prodding
we were prodding
you were prodding
he/she/it was prodding
they were prodding
I will be prodding
we will be prodding
you will be prodding
he/she/it will be prodding
they will be prodding
I have been prodding
we have been prodding
you have been prodding
he/she/it has been prodding
they have been prodding
I had been prodding
we had been prodding
you had been prodding
he/she/it had been prodding
they had been prodding
I will have been prodding
we will have been prodding
you will have been prodding
he/she/it will have been prodding
they will have been prodding
I would have prodded
we would have prodded
you would have prodded
he/she/it would have prodded
they would have prodded
I would be prodding
we would be prodding
you would be prodding
he/she/it would be prodding
they would be prodding
I would have been prodding
we would have been prodding
you would have been prodding
he/she/it would have been prodding
they would have been prodding


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