How Do You Spell PROFILED?

The word "Profiled" is spelled /proʊ.faɪld/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It begins with the "p" sound, followed by the "r" sound pronounced with the lips rounded. The stress falls on the second syllable, which is pronounced with the "ow" diphthong. The third syllable contains the "f" sound followed by the "ai" diphthong, and the final consonant is the "ld" sound. This word can mean providing a detailed personality or characteristics in writing, or to create a specific shape or contour of a material.

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Conjugate verb Profiled


I would profile
we would profile
you would profile
he/she/it would profile
they would profile


I will profile
we will profile
you will profile
he/she/it will profile
they will profile


I will have profiled
we will have profiled
you will have profiled
he/she/it will have profiled
they will have profiled


I profiled
we profiled
you profiled
he/she/it profiled
they profiled


I had profiled
we had profiled
you had profiled
he/she/it had profiled
they had profiled


I profile
we profile
you profile
he/she/it profiles
they profile


I have profiled
we have profiled
you have profiled
he/she/it has profiled
they have profiled
I am profiling
we are profiling
you are profiling
he/she/it is profiling
they are profiling
I was profiling
we were profiling
you were profiling
he/she/it was profiling
they were profiling
I will be profiling
we will be profiling
you will be profiling
he/she/it will be profiling
they will be profiling
I have been profiling
we have been profiling
you have been profiling
he/she/it has been profiling
they have been profiling
I had been profiling
we had been profiling
you had been profiling
he/she/it had been profiling
they had been profiling
I will have been profiling
we will have been profiling
you will have been profiling
he/she/it will have been profiling
they will have been profiling
I would have profiled
we would have profiled
you would have profiled
he/she/it would have profiled
they would have profiled
I would be profiling
we would be profiling
you would be profiling
he/she/it would be profiling
they would be profiling
I would have been profiling
we would have been profiling
you would have been profiling
he/she/it would have been profiling
they would have been profiling


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