Pronunciation: [pɹˌɒfɪtˈi͡əd] (IPA)

The word "profiteered" is spelled with a long "i" sound followed by the consonant cluster "t-r-f-t" and the suffix "-ee-red". The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /ˌprɒfɪˈtɪəd/, with the stress on the second syllable. The spelling of "profiteered" reflects its meaning, which refers to someone who makes excessive profits through unethical or illegal means. This word is commonly used to describe those who take advantage of a crisis or shortage to charge exorbitant prices for goods or services.

PROFITEERED Meaning and Definition

  1. Profiteered is a verb that refers to the act of making excessive or unfair profits, typically by taking advantage of a situation of scarcity, crisis, or high demand. It is often associated with unethical or exploitative practices aimed at maximizing personal gain or financial profit at the expense of others.

    When someone engages in profiteering, they are taking advantage of the circumstances to charge exorbitant prices for goods or services. This behavior can occur during times of natural disasters, wars, economic crises, or any situation where demand surpasses supply. Profiteers may hoard or manipulate essential products, such as food, medicine, or other critical supplies, to create an artificial scarcity that allows them to command higher prices.

    The concept of profiteering implies an unfair or unjust enrichment at the expense of others. It is often viewed as a breach of ethical conduct and can lead to widespread public outrage. Governments and regulatory bodies often intervene to prevent or prosecute acts of profiteering, imposing fines, penalties, or even criminal charges against those deemed responsible.

    In summary, profiteering describes the practice of making excessive or unfair profits by taking advantage of a situation where supply cannot meet the demand. It involves exploiting the vulnerability of others for personal gain and is generally perceived as unethical or exploitative.

Common Misspellings for PROFITEERED

Etymology of PROFITEERED

The word "profiteered" originated from the noun "profiteer". Its etymology traces back to the late 18th century, specifically to the period of the American Revolution. The term is a composition of the word "profit" and the suffix "-eer", which denotes a person who engages in a particular activity or behavior.

During the American Revolution, certain individuals were taking advantage of the war by making excessive profits from scarce goods and supplies. These individuals came to be known as "profiteers". The word was coined as a derogatory term to describe those who opportunely amassed wealth by manipulating the market during times of emergency or crisis.

Over time, the term "profiteer" expanded to include any individual or organization that seeks to make unfair or excessive profits from goods, services, or situations where others may suffer.

Similar spelling words for PROFITEERED

Conjugate verb Profiteered


I would profiteer
we would profiteer
you would profiteer
he/she/it would profiteer
they would profiteer


I will profiteer
we will profiteer
you will profiteer
he/she/it will profiteer
they will profiteer


I will have profiteered
we will have profiteered
you will have profiteered
he/she/it will have profiteered
they will have profiteered


I profiteered
we profiteered
you profiteered
he/she/it profiteered
they profiteered


I had profiteered
we had profiteered
you had profiteered
he/she/it had profiteered
they had profiteered


I profiteer
we profiteer
you profiteer
he/she/it profiteers
they profiteer


I have profiteered
we have profiteered
you have profiteered
he/she/it has profiteered
they have profiteered
I am profiteering
we are profiteering
you are profiteering
he/she/it is profiteering
they are profiteering
I was profiteering
we were profiteering
you were profiteering
he/she/it was profiteering
they were profiteering
I will be profiteering
we will be profiteering
you will be profiteering
he/she/it will be profiteering
they will be profiteering
I have been profiteering
we have been profiteering
you have been profiteering
he/she/it has been profiteering
they have been profiteering
I had been profiteering
we had been profiteering
you had been profiteering
he/she/it had been profiteering
they had been profiteering
I will have been profiteering
we will have been profiteering
you will have been profiteering
he/she/it will have been profiteering
they will have been profiteering
I would have profiteered
we would have profiteered
you would have profiteered
he/she/it would have profiteered
they would have profiteered
I would be profiteering
we would be profiteering
you would be profiteering
he/she/it would be profiteering
they would be profiteering
I would have been profiteering
we would have been profiteering
you would have been profiteering
he/she/it would have been profiteering
they would have been profiteering


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