Pronunciation: [pɹˌɒfɪtˈi͡əɹɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "profiteering" is spelled with the letter combination "iee." This can be a bit tricky to remember, but it is pronounced as "ee" (IPA symbol: i) followed by a separate "e" sound (IPA symbol: ɛ). In other words, the first "e" is pronounced as a long vowel sound and the second "e" is pronounced as a short vowel sound. This spelling may seem odd, but it is a common pattern in English words, such as "seeing," "fleeing," and "agreed." "Profiteering" refers to the act of making an excessive and unfair profit.

PROFITEERING Meaning and Definition

Profiteering is a term that refers to the act of making excessive profits, often in an unethical or unjustified manner, by taking advantage of a particular situation or exploiting a specific group of people. It involves the practice of maximizing financial gain at the expense of others, typically by charging exorbitant prices for goods or services during times of scarcity, emergency, or crisis.

This concept is often associated with the hoarding, manipulation, or artificial scarcity of essential commodities or resources that are in high demand, and consequently, generating substantial profits.

Profiteering can occur in various sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, housing, energy, and food. It is often considered exploitative and morally reprehensible since it takes advantage of vulnerable individuals or situations for personal financial gain.

Governments and regulatory bodies often have laws and regulations in place to prevent or deter profiteering, as it can severely impact the well-being and economic stability of a society. These measures may include price controls, anti-monopoly regulations, and consumer protection laws.

In summary, profiteering involves making excessive profits through unethical practices, exploiting situations of scarcity or crises, and taking advantage of vulnerable individuals or groups. It is widely regarded as an unfair and exploitative business practice.

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The word "profiteering" originated from the combining of two English words: "profit" and "eer".

The term "profit" comes from the Old French word "prufit" or "porfit", which in turn stemmed from the Latin word "profitus", meaning "advantage" or "gain". "Profitus" is derived from the Latin verb "prodesse", which means "to benefit" or "to be advantageous".

The suffix "-eer" is derived from the Old French "-ier" or "-eer", which indicates a person associated with or engaged in a particular activity. It ultimately originated from the Latin suffix "-arius" which served the same purpose.

Thus, the word "profiteering" combines the idea of gaining advantage or benefit (profit) with the suffix indicating involvement in a specific activity (-eer), suggesting a person engaged in exploiting or seeking excessive profit.

Similar spelling words for PROFITEERING


Conjugate verb Profiteering


I would profiteer
we would profiteer
you would profiteer
he/she/it would profiteer
they would profiteer


I will profiteer
we will profiteer
you will profiteer
he/she/it will profiteer
they will profiteer


I will have profiteered
we will have profiteered
you will have profiteered
he/she/it will have profiteered
they will have profiteered


I profiteered
we profiteered
you profiteered
he/she/it profiteered
they profiteered


I had profiteered
we had profiteered
you had profiteered
he/she/it had profiteered
they had profiteered


I profiteer
we profiteer
you profiteer
he/she/it profiteers
they profiteer


I have profiteered
we have profiteered
you have profiteered
he/she/it has profiteered
they have profiteered
I am profiteering
we are profiteering
you are profiteering
he/she/it is profiteering
they are profiteering
I was profiteering
we were profiteering
you were profiteering
he/she/it was profiteering
they were profiteering
I will be profiteering
we will be profiteering
you will be profiteering
he/she/it will be profiteering
they will be profiteering
I have been profiteering
we have been profiteering
you have been profiteering
he/she/it has been profiteering
they have been profiteering
I had been profiteering
we had been profiteering
you had been profiteering
he/she/it had been profiteering
they had been profiteering
I will have been profiteering
we will have been profiteering
you will have been profiteering
he/she/it will have been profiteering
they will have been profiteering
I would have profiteered
we would have profiteered
you would have profiteered
he/she/it would have profiteered
they would have profiteered
I would be profiteering
we would be profiteering
you would be profiteering
he/she/it would be profiteering
they would be profiteering
I would have been profiteering
we would have been profiteering
you would have been profiteering
he/she/it would have been profiteering
they would have been profiteering


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