Pronunciation: [pɹəpˈɪʃəsli] (IPA)

Propitiously is spelled /prəˈpɪʃəsli/. The word contains 5 syllables and is pronounced: pruh-pish-uh s-lee. The first syllable is unstressed and pronounced with a schwa sound /ə/. The stress is on the second syllable which contains the long /i/ sound. The third syllable is also unstressed and pronounced with a schwa sound. The final two syllables contain the /s/ sound followed by the suffix -ly. Propitiously means done in a way that is likely to bring good fortune or success.

PROPITIOUSLY Meaning and Definition

  1. Propitiously is an adverb that is used to describe an event, action, or circumstance that occurs in a favorable or advantageous manner, leading to a good or successful outcome. It is derived from the word "propitious," which means showing or indicating a favorable or auspicious sign or characteristic.

    When something happens propitiously, it often suggests that it occurs at just the right time, creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere. It implies a sense of serendipity or luck, as if things have aligned perfectly to bring about a desired result. For example, a propitious start to a project means that it began well and under favorable conditions, increasing the likelihood of overall success.

    The adverb propitiously is commonly used in various contexts, including discussions of business ventures, personal relationships, and even weather patterns. In financial contexts, it might describe a propitious time to invest or launch a new product, indicating that market conditions are conducive to success.

    Furthermore, propitiously can also connote a sense of divine or supernatural intervention, particularly in religious or spiritual contexts. When an event occurs propitiously in such settings, it may be seen as a sign of divine favor or blessing.

    Overall, propitiously is a word used to depict situations or occurrences that are fortunate, favorable, and advantageous, often leading to positive outcomes or experiences.

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The word propitiously is derived from the adjective propitious, which comes from the Latin word propitius. In Latin, propitius means favorable or well-disposed. This Latin term is a combination of pro (meaning forward or toward) and petere (meaning go to or seek). Therefore, propitius conveys the idea of being inclined or disposed towards something or someone in a favorable manner. The -ly suffix is added in English to form the adverb propitiously, meaning in a favorable or fortunate manner.

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