How Do You Spell PURRS?

Pronunciation: [pˈɜːz] (IPA)

The word "purrs" is spelled with double "r" and "s" at the end. It is pronounced as /pɜːrz/ with a long "uh" sound and a rolled "r." The final "s" is voiced and makes a "z" sound. "Purrs" is the third person singular present tense form of the verb "purr," which means to make a soft, low vibratory sound like a contented cat. The correct spelling of "purrs" is important for effective communication in writing.

PURRS Meaning and Definition

  1. Purrs refer to the soft vibrating sounds made by certain animals, particularly domestic cats, as a form of communication or expression. This term is primarily associated with the pleasant sound produced by a cat when it is content, relaxed, or feeling secure. It is a gentle, low-pitched humming or buzzing sound that emanates from the animal's throat or chest.

    The act of purring is often considered a sign of happiness, affection, or relaxation in cats. They typically produce this sound when they are being petted, cuddled, or when they are in close proximity to their owners. However, cats may also purr in different situations like when they are nursing, comforting their offspring, or even when they are in pain or distress.

    The physical mechanism behind a cat’s purring involves the rapid vibrations of the muscles in their larynx, combined with the continuous movement of their diaphragm. The exact purpose and function of purring are not completely understood, but it is believed to have several benefits. Purring is thought to provide a calming effect to the cat and may even help in the healing and recovery process. Moreover, it can also serve as a means of social bonding between the cat and its owner or other feline companions.

    Overall, purrs are the gentle, soothing sounds emitted by cats that convey various emotions or states of well-being.

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Etymology of PURRS

The word "purrs" is derived from the Old English word "pyrrian", which meant "to purr, to growl". It is also related to the Middle Dutch word "purren" and the Low German word "purren", which have the same meaning. These words are believed to have originated from the imitative sound of a cat's purring.

Similar spelling words for PURRS

Conjugate verb Purrs


I would purr
we would purr
you would purr
he/she/it would purr
they would purr


I will purr
we will purr
you will purr
he/she/it will purr
they will purr


I will have purred
we will have purred
you will have purred
he/she/it will have purred
they will have purred


I purred
we purred
you purred
he/she/it purred
they purred


I had purred
we had purred
you had purred
he/she/it had purred
they had purred


I purr
we purr
you purr
he/she/it purrs
they purr


I have purred
we have purred
you have purred
he/she/it has purred
they have purred
I am purring
we are purring
you are purring
he/she/it is purring
they are purring
I was purring
we were purring
you were purring
he/she/it was purring
they were purring
I will be purring
we will be purring
you will be purring
he/she/it will be purring
they will be purring
I have been purring
we have been purring
you have been purring
he/she/it has been purring
they have been purring
I had been purring
we had been purring
you had been purring
he/she/it had been purring
they had been purring
I will have been purring
we will have been purring
you will have been purring
he/she/it will have been purring
they will have been purring
I would have purred
we would have purred
you would have purred
he/she/it would have purred
they would have purred
I would be purring
we would be purring
you would be purring
he/she/it would be purring
they would be purring
I would have been purring
we would have been purring
you would have been purring
he/she/it would have been purring
they would have been purring


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