How Do You Spell PURSUED?

Correct spelling for the English word "pursued" is [p_ə_s_j_ˈuː_d], [pəsjˈuːd], [pəsjˈuːd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PURSUED

Below is the list of 217 misspellings for the word "pursued".

Similar spelling word for PURSUED

Definition of PURSUED

  1. followed with enmity as if to harm; "running and leaping like a herd of pursued antelopes"

Anagrams of PURSUED

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Usage Examples for PURSUED

  1. The enemy immediately pursued. - "Fighting France" by Stephane Lauzanne
  2. " He must be a clever one," he pursued thoughtfully. - "Guy Garrick" by Arthur B. Reeve

Conjugate verb Pursued


I would pursue
we would pursue
you would pursue
he/she/it would pursue
they would pursue


I will pursue
we will pursue
you will pursue
he/she/it will pursue
they will pursue


I will have pursued
we will have pursued
you will have pursued
he/she/it will have pursued
they will have pursued


I pursued
we pursued
you pursued
he/she/it pursued
they pursued


I had pursued
we had pursued
you had pursued
he/she/it had pursued
they had pursued


I pursue
we pursue
you pursue
he/she/it pursues
they pursue


I have pursued
we have pursued
you have pursued
he/she/it has pursued
they have pursued
I am pursuing
we are pursuing
you are pursuing
he/she/it is pursuing
they are pursuing
I was pursuing
we were pursuing
you were pursuing
he/she/it was pursuing
they were pursuing
I will be pursuing
we will be pursuing
you will be pursuing
he/she/it will be pursuing
they will be pursuing
I have been pursuing
we have been pursuing
you have been pursuing
he/she/it has been pursuing
they have been pursuing
I had been pursuing
we had been pursuing
you had been pursuing
he/she/it had been pursuing
they had been pursuing
I will have been pursuing
we will have been pursuing
you will have been pursuing
he/she/it will have been pursuing
they will have been pursuing
I would have pursued
we would have pursued
you would have pursued
he/she/it would have pursued
they would have pursued
I would be pursuing
we would be pursuing
you would be pursuing
he/she/it would be pursuing
they would be pursuing
I would have been pursuing
we would have been pursuing
you would have been pursuing
he/she/it would have been pursuing
they would have been pursuing