How Do You Spell PYAEMIA?

Pyaemia is a medical term used to describe the presence of pus-forming bacteria in the bloodstream. It is pronounced /paɪˈiːmiə/ and spelled with a "y" instead of an "e" between the "p" and "a" because it is derived from the Greek word "pyon," meaning pus. The "y" represents the Greek letter "upsilon," which was used to denote the "u" sound in ancient Greek. Despite its uncommon spelling, pyaemia is an important concept in medical science for identifying and treating infections.

Common Misspellings for PYAEMIA

  • oyaemia
  • lyaemia
  • -yaemia
  • 0yaemia
  • ptaemia
  • pgaemia
  • phaemia
  • puaemia
  • p7aemia
  • p6aemia
  • pyzemia
  • pysemia
  • pywemia
  • pyqemia
  • pyawmia
  • pyasmia
  • pyadmia
  • pyarmia
  • pya4mia
  • pyaemii

Similar spelling words for PYAEMIA

Plural form of PYAEMIA is PYAEMIAS

59 words made out of letters PYAEMIA

3 letters

4 letters

5 letters

  • impey,
  • piaya,
  • payam,
  • ayami,
  • amiya,
  • yaima,
  • mapai,
  • mapei,
  • aemia.

6 letters


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