How Do You Spell QUATRAIN?

Correct spelling for the English word "quatrain" is [kwˈatɹe͡ɪn], [kwˈatɹe‍ɪn], [k_w_ˈa_t_ɹ_eɪ_n]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for QUATRAIN

Below is the list of 234 misspellings for the word "quatrain".

Similar spelling words for QUATRAIN

Plural form of QUATRAIN is QUATRAINS

Definition of QUATRAIN

  1. A stanza of four lines.

Anagrams of QUATRAIN

6 letters

7 letters

Usage Examples for QUATRAIN

  1. The quatrain should read, as in the original, thus: " I'll never chew tobacco- no, It is a filthy weed; I'll never put it in my mouth," Said little Robert Reed. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions" by Slason Thompson
  2. In a word we know his parentage, birth, marriage, fatherhood, occupation, his wealth and his chief ambition, his will and his death, and absolutely nothing else; his death being received with unbroken and ominous silence by the literary world, not even Ben Jonson who seven years later glorified the plays in excelsis, expending so much as a quatrain on his memory. - "Bacon is Shake-Speare" by Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence