How Do You Spell QUEENS?

Correct spelling for the English word "queens" is [kwˈiːnz], [kwˈiːnz], [k_w_ˈiː_n_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for QUEENS

Below is the list of 72 misspellings for the word "queens".

Similar spelling words for QUEENS

Definition of QUEENS

  1. In slating, slates three feet long and two feet wide.

Anagrams of QUEENS

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Usage Examples for QUEENS

  1. It is true that the officials were not always clear as to the identity of the royal remains of which they had the care, and they were known to have changed one of their queens or princesses into a king or some royal prince. - "History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 6 (of 12)" by G. Maspero
  2. " Yes, of course," said both the queens together, their interest awakened. - "Louise de la Valliere" by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

Conjugate verb Queens


I would queen
we would queen
you would queen
he/she/it would queen
they would queen


I will queen
we will queen
you will queen
he/she/it will queen
they will queen


I will have queened
we will have queened
you will have queened
he/she/it will have queened
they will have queened


I queened
we queened
you queened
he/she/it queened
they queened


I had queened
we had queened
you had queened
he/she/it had queened
they had queened


I queen
we queen
you queen
he/she/it queens
they queen


I have queened
we have queened
you have queened
he/she/it has queened
they have queened
I am queening
we are queening
you are queening
he/she/it is queening
they are queening
I was queening
we were queening
you were queening
he/she/it was queening
they were queening
I will be queening
we will be queening
you will be queening
he/she/it will be queening
they will be queening
I have been queening
we have been queening
you have been queening
he/she/it has been queening
they have been queening
I had been queening
we had been queening
you had been queening
he/she/it had been queening
they had been queening
I will have been queening
we will have been queening
you will have been queening
he/she/it will have been queening
they will have been queening
I would have queened
we would have queened
you would have queened
he/she/it would have queened
they would have queened
I would be queening
we would be queening
you would be queening
he/she/it would be queening
they would be queening
I would have been queening
we would have been queening
you would have been queening
he/she/it would have been queening
they would have been queening