How Do You Spell QUOTING?

Correct spelling for the English word "Quoting" is [kwˈə͡ʊtɪŋ], [kwˈə‍ʊtɪŋ], [k_w_ˈəʊ_t_ɪ_ŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for QUOTING

Below is the list of 154 misspellings for the word "quoting".

Anagrams of QUOTING

7 letters

  • quoting.

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for QUOTING

  1. I should like to go on quoting passages from other books to show the reader that if he likes them he is emphatically a lover of poetry. - "The Literature of Ecstasy" by Albert Mordell
  2. They are employed with the subjunctive only when the writer is indirectly quoting the reason given by some one else. - "Selections from Viri Romae" by Charles François L'Homond

Conjugate verb Quoting


I would quote
we would quote
you would quote
he/she/it would quote
they would quote


I will quote
we will quote
you will quote
he/she/it will quote
they will quote


I will have quoted
we will have quoted
you will have quoted
he/she/it will have quoted
they will have quoted


I quoted
we quoted
you quoted
he/she/it quoted
they quoted


I had quoted
we had quoted
you had quoted
he/she/it had quoted
they had quoted


I quote
we quote
you quote
he/she/it quotes
they quote


I have quoted
we have quoted
you have quoted
he/she/it has quoted
they have quoted
I am quoting
we are quoting
you are quoting
he/she/it is quoting
they are quoting
I was quoting
we were quoting
you were quoting
he/she/it was quoting
they were quoting
I will be quoting
we will be quoting
you will be quoting
he/she/it will be quoting
they will be quoting
I have been quoting
we have been quoting
you have been quoting
he/she/it has been quoting
they have been quoting
I had been quoting
we had been quoting
you had been quoting
he/she/it had been quoting
they had been quoting
I will have been quoting
we will have been quoting
you will have been quoting
he/she/it will have been quoting
they will have been quoting
I would have quoted
we would have quoted
you would have quoted
he/she/it would have quoted
they would have quoted
I would be quoting
we would be quoting
you would be quoting
he/she/it would be quoting
they would be quoting
I would have been quoting
we would have been quoting
you would have been quoting
he/she/it would have been quoting
they would have been quoting