How Do You Spell RABDOIDAL?

The spelling of the word "rabdoidal" is based on its pronunciation. It is pronounced as /ˌrabdɔɪˈdæl/ with stress on the second syllable. According to IPA phonetic transcription, "rab" is pronounced as /rab/ and "doi" as /dɔɪ/. The "d" in "doi" sound like a "j" in "joy". The "al" at the end is pronounced as /æl/. The word "rabdoidal" is often used in anatomy to describe a certain type of muscle fibers that run in a diagonal direction.

Common Misspellings for RABDOIDAL

  • eabdoidal
  • dabdoidal
  • fabdoidal
  • tabdoidal
  • 5abdoidal
  • 4abdoidal
  • rzbdoidal
  • rsbdoidal
  • rwbdoidal
  • rqbdoidal
  • ravdoidal
  • randoidal
  • rahdoidal
  • ragdoidal
  • rabsoidal
  • rabxoidal
  • rabcoidal
  • rabfoidal
  • rabroidal
  • rabeoidal

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