How Do You Spell RACO?

The spelling of the word "RACO" can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The pronunciation of this word is /reɪkoʊ/, which consists of four sounds: the long "a" (represented by /eɪ/), followed by the velar fricative "k" sound (/koʊ/). The stress is on the first syllable (/reɪ/), and the final "o" sound is pronounced as a diphthong (/oʊ/). Thus, the correct spelling of this word is "RACO," with the "c" representing the "k" sound.

Common Misspellings for RACO

  • rqco
  • rac0
  • r5aco
  • 4raco
  • r4aco
  • rzaco
  • razco
  • rwaco
  • rawco
  • rqaco
  • raqco
  • raxco
  • racxo
  • ravco
  • racvo
  • racfo
  • radco
  • racdo
  • racpo
  • racop
  • rac0o
  • raco0
  • rac9o
  • raco9
  • raaco
  • r aco
  • ra co
  • rac o

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