How Do You Spell RADIATING?

Correct spelling for the English word "radiating" is [ɹ_ˈeɪ_d_ɪ__ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_ŋ], [ɹˈe͡ɪdɪˌe͡ɪtɪŋ], [ɹˈe‍ɪdɪˌe‍ɪtɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for RADIATING

Below is the list of 309 misspellings for the word "radiating". Misspellings percentages are collected from over 510 000 spell check sessions on www.spellchecker.net from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Usage Examples for RADIATING

  1. According to the temperature recording instruments in the bubble his body ceased radiating heat that same night . - "The Nothing Equation" by Tom Godwin
  2. The dancers forming the outer circles were , however , forced to move with extreme rapidity , so as to preserve the straight line radiating from the centre and headed by the chieftains . - "The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations" by Zelia Nuttall
  3. Circle from which extend radiating shadow - lines mark position of man . - "My Attainment of the Pole" by Frederick A. Cook
  4. In some way , evidently , the sun affects the earth by radiating magnetic lines of force which are cut by the earth's revolution , and so creating currents of electricity . - "Electricity and Magnetism Nature's Miracles, Vol. III." by Elisha Gray
  5. Thousands in the streets are being killed by the heat it is radiating - panic reigns , despite a rigorous enforcement of martial law . - "Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various