How Do You Spell RAGED?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈe͡ɪd͡ʒd] (IPA)

The word "raged" is spelled with the letters "r," "a," "g," "e," and "d." The IPA phonetic transcription for "raged" is /reɪdʒd/. The first sound is /r/, which is made by vibrating the tongue against the alveolar ridge. The second sound is a long /eɪ/ sound, which is made by opening the mouth wide and raising the tongue towards the roof of the mouth. The third sound is a voiced postalveolar fricative /dʒ/, which is made by placing the tongue behind the upper teeth and blowing air through the narrow gap. Finally, the last sound is a voiced alveolar stop /d/, which is made by closing the mouth and stopping the airflow with the tongue.

RAGED Meaning and Definition

Raged is a verb that denotes an intense and uncontrollable anger or fury. It refers to a state of extreme agitation that often manifests in aggressive or violent behavior. When someone is raged, they experience a deep emotional turmoil that can result from various triggers such as personal conflicts, frustrations, or perceived injustices.

Raged is characterized by a loss of control over one's emotions, often leading to volatile outbursts and destructive actions. It is a state where reason and rationality are overshadowed by a surge of intense anger, making it challenging to think and act calmly. This extreme fury can manifest physically, with clenched fists, raised voices, or even physical violence towards others or objects.

In addition to being a description of an individual's emotional state, raged can also refer to an intense or violent reaction from a group of people, such as a crowd, participating in a riot or protest.

Despite its negative connotations, raged can sometimes be a necessary response to situations involving injustice or mistreatment. However, it is crucial to find healthy ways of expressing anger and channeling it constructively, as uncontrolled rage can lead to detrimental consequences for oneself and others.

Overall, raged signifies an overpowering and uncontrolled anger that can temporarily consume and impair an individual's ability to think or behave rationally.

Common Misspellings for RAGED

Etymology of RAGED

The word "raged" derives from the Middle English term "ragen", meaning "to act violently or with great intensity". It can be traced back to the Old Norse word "rega", which has a similar meaning. The original Norse word likely influenced the Old English word "ragian", which also means "to rage". Over time, these forms evolved into the Modern English term "raged", which retains the same fundamental meaning of intense anger or fury.

Conjugate verb Raged


I would rage
we would rage
you would rage
he/she/it would rage
they would rage


I will rage
we will rage
you will rage
he/she/it will rage
they will rage


I will have raged
we will have raged
you will have raged
he/she/it will have raged
they will have raged


I raged
we raged
you raged
he/she/it raged
they raged


I had raged
we had raged
you had raged
he/she/it had raged
they had raged


I rage
we rage
you rage
he/she/it rages
they rage


I have raged
we have raged
you have raged
he/she/it has raged
they have raged
I am raging
we are raging
you are raging
he/she/it is raging
they are raging
I was raging
we were raging
you were raging
he/she/it was raging
they were raging
I will be raging
we will be raging
you will be raging
he/she/it will be raging
they will be raging
I have been raging
we have been raging
you have been raging
he/she/it has been raging
they have been raging
I had been raging
we had been raging
you had been raging
he/she/it had been raging
they had been raging
I will have been raging
we will have been raging
you will have been raging
he/she/it will have been raging
they will have been raging
I would have raged
we would have raged
you would have raged
he/she/it would have raged
they would have raged
I would be raging
we would be raging
you would be raging
he/she/it would be raging
they would be raging
I would have been raging
we would have been raging
you would have been raging
he/she/it would have been raging
they would have been raging


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