How Do You Spell RAHAB?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈahab] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the word "rahab" is /ˈreɪhæb/. This six-letter word is often misspelled due to its unique combination of letters that do not commonly appear together in English. The first syllable, /reɪ/, sounds like the word "ray" and is followed by /hæb/, pronounced like "hab." This word is also the name of a biblical figure known for her role in the conquest of Jericho. It is important to use proper spelling when referring to historical and biblical figures to avoid confusion.

RAHAB Meaning and Definition

Rahab is a proper noun that holds historical and biblical significance. In the context of the Old Testament, Rahab is an individual mentioned in the Book of Joshua, primarily in chapters 2 and 6. She was a Canaanite woman living in the city of Jericho during the time when the Israelites were preparing to conquer the land of Canaan. Rahab is renowned for her bravery and faith, notably for her role in assisting the Israelite spies who had entered Jericho to gather information for their military strategy.

The name "Rahab" itself, which also means "broad" or "spacious" in Hebrew, refers to the ancient city gate of Jericho, where she was believed to have resided. Rahab's story highlights her actions in hiding the spies, while also negotiating and securing her own safety and that of her family when Jericho eventually fell to the Israelites. Consequently, she is often celebrated for her conversion to the Israelite faith and for consciously aligning herself with God's chosen people. Rahab's display of loyalty and support toward the Israelites is deemed significant and exemplary in terms of the Old Testament narrative.

Rahab is also referred to in the New Testament, specifically in the book of Matthew, where she is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. This inclusion serves to accentuate her importance in biblical history and affirms the belief in the possibility of redemption and salvation for all individuals, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or social status.

Common Misspellings for RAHAB

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  • rahan
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  • rfahab


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