How Do You Spell RALE?

The spelling of the word "rale" can be tricky due to its unusual pronunciation. It is pronounced [reil] or [rɑːl], with the second syllable being emphasized. In IPA phonetic transcription, the first syllable is represented by the symbol [r], while the second syllable is represented by [eɪl]. A "rale" is a medical term that refers to a rattling sound heard in the lungs of someone who is breathing, often due to an obstruction or excessive fluid.

Common Misspellings for RALE

  • 5ale
  • 4ale
  • rzle
  • rsle
  • rwle
  • rqle
  • ralw
  • ralr
  • ral4
  • ral3
  • erale
  • rfale
  • rtale
  • 5rale
  • r5ale
  • 4rale
  • r4ale
  • rzale
  • razle

Similar spelling words for RALE

Plural form of RALE is RALES

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