How Do You Spell RALLY?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈali] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "rally" is derived from the Old French word "ralier", meaning "to reunite, bring together". The pronunciation of the word is ˈræli with a short 'a' sound and two syllables. The letter 'a' in this case is pronounced as /æ/ phonetically. The double 'l' occurs before 'y' as in other English words such as "tally" and "ally". While most commonly used as a noun or verb to refer to a political or sporting gathering, "rally" has also a military connotation, meaning to assemble troops for battle.

RALLY Meaning and Definition

  1. A rally refers to various instances where individuals come together for a collective purpose, typically involving demonstration or support for a particular cause, idea, or person. It involves a large gathering or assembly of people who express their shared beliefs, concerns, or demands through speeches, signs, chants, and other forms of collective action. Rallies can encompass a diverse range of contexts such as political, social, or even sporting events.

    Politically, rallies often serve as a platform for candidates or political parties to address their supporters and potential voters, conveying their ideologies and proposals. These gatherings serve to mobilize and galvanize supporters, showcasing unity and promoting solidarity amongst the attendees. Social rallies can address various issues including social justice, human rights, or environmental activism. In such cases, participants aim to raise awareness of a particular cause and demand change from governments, institutions, or the public at large.

    Rallies are not limited to political or social contexts, as they can also be observed in the realm of sports, particularly motorsports. In this setting, a rally refers to a competitive racing event held on public or private roads, typically on a circuit with various stages and checkpoints. Participants navigate these stages using a limited amount of time, and the winner is determined based on their overall time and performance. Rally racing showcases speed, endurance, and skill, attracting motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.

    In summary, a rally is a large gathering where individuals come together to express their collective beliefs, demands, or support for various causes, individuals, or sports events.

  2. • To joke; to banter; to attack with good-humoured satire, or with slight contempt.
    • To collect and reduce to order, as troops thrown into confusion after a defeat; to put into order; to recover or resume strength and vigour.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of RALLY

The word "rally" originates from the Old French word "rallier", which means "to reunite" or "to bring together". It was derived from the Old Frankish word "hrod" (meaning "fame" or "glory") combined with the Germanic suffix "-al" (indicating action or process). Over time, "rallier" evolved to refer to the act of gathering or assembling troops or forces for battle. From there, the term expanded to include various gatherings or demonstrations of support, leading to its modern usage as a noun or verb in contexts unrelated to warfare.

Idioms with the word RALLY

  • rally around The idiom "rally around" means to come together, support, or unite around a common cause or objective. It typically implies a collective effort to provide encouragement, assistance, or solidarity in a challenging or difficult situation.
  • rally around sm or sth The idiom "rally around someone or something" means to come together and show support or solidarity for a particular person, cause, or idea. It implies uniting and offering assistance, encouragement, or emotional backing in difficult or challenging situations.
  • rally to sm or sth The idiom "rally to someone or something" means to come together in support or to unite around someone or something, usually in times of difficulty or need. It refers to the act of gathering or joining forces to support and demonstrate solidarity towards a person, cause, or idea.

Similar spelling words for RALLY

Conjugate verb Rally


I would have rallied
you would have rallied
he/she/it would have rallied
we would have rallied
they would have rallied
I would have rally
you would have rally
he/she/it would have rally
we would have rally
they would have rally


I would have been rallying
you would have been rallying
he/she/it would have been rallying
we would have been rallying
they would have been rallying


I would rally
you would rally
he/she/it would rally
we would rally
they would rally


I would be rallying
you would be rallying
he/she/it would be rallying
we would be rallying
they would be rallying


I will rally
you will rally
he/she/it will rally
we will rally
they will rally


I will be rallying
you will be rallying
he/she/it will be rallying
we will be rallying
they will be rallying


I will have rallied
you will have rallied
he/she/it will have rallied
we will have rallied
they will have rallied


I will have been rallying
you will have been rallying
he/she/it will have been rallying
we will have been rallying
they will have been rallying


you rally
we let´s rally


to rally


I was rallying
you were rallying
he/she/it was rallying
we were rallying
they were rallying




I had rallied
you had rallied
he/she/it had rallied
we had rallied
they had rallied


I had been rallying
you had been rallying
he/she/it had been rallying
we had been rallying
they had been rallying


I rally
you rally
he/she/it rallies
we rally
they rally


I am rallying
you are rallying
he/she/it is rallying
we are rallying
they are rallying




I have rallied
you have rallied
he/she/it has rallied
we have rallied
they have rallied


I have been rallying
you have been rallying
he/she/it has been rallying
we have been rallying
they have been rallying


he/she/it rally


I rallied
you rallied
he/she/it rallied
we rallied
they rallied


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