How Do You Spell RANTS?

The word "rants" is spelled with the letters R-A-N-T-S. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as /rænts/. The initial sound is the voiced alveolar flap /r/, which is then followed by the short vowel sound /æ/. The consonant cluster /nt/ is medial and voiced, and it is followed by the unvoiced alveolar fricative /s/. This word means to speak or write in an angry and aggressive manner, often without control or direction.

Common Misspellings for RANTS

Similar spelling word for RANTS

  • rantz.

26 words made out of letters RANTS

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5 letters

Conjugate verb Rants


I would rant
we would rant
you would rant
he/she/it would rant
they would rant


I will rant
we will rant
you will rant
he/she/it will rant
they will rant


I will have ranted
we will have ranted
you will have ranted
he/she/it will have ranted
they will have ranted


I ranted
we ranted
you ranted
he/she/it ranted
they ranted


I had ranted
we had ranted
you had ranted
he/she/it had ranted
they had ranted


I rant
we rant
you rant
he/she/it rants
they rant


I have ranted
we have ranted
you have ranted
he/she/it has ranted
they have ranted
I am ranting
we are ranting
you are ranting
he/she/it is ranting
they are ranting
I was ranting
we were ranting
you were ranting
he/she/it was ranting
they were ranting
I will be ranting
we will be ranting
you will be ranting
he/she/it will be ranting
they will be ranting
I have been ranting
we have been ranting
you have been ranting
he/she/it has been ranting
they have been ranting
I had been ranting
we had been ranting
you had been ranting
he/she/it had been ranting
they had been ranting
I will have been ranting
we will have been ranting
you will have been ranting
he/she/it will have been ranting
they will have been ranting
I would have ranted
we would have ranted
you would have ranted
he/she/it would have ranted
they would have ranted
I would be ranting
we would be ranting
you would be ranting
he/she/it would be ranting
they would be ranting
I would have been ranting
we would have been ranting
you would have been ranting
he/she/it would have been ranting
they would have been ranting


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