How Do You Spell RAPPEE?

The spelling of the word "rappee" can be confusing as it has a French origin but is used in English. The word refers to a type of fine-grained snuff derived from Virginia tobacco. To understand its spelling, it is useful to know its IPA phonetic transcription: ræˈpi. This represents the sound of the word, including the short "a" sound and the stressed "e". The spelling of "rappee" follows the traditional spelling in French, which explains the use of the double "p" and the final "e".

Common Misspellings for RAPPEE

  • eappee
  • fappee
  • tappee
  • 5appee
  • 4appee
  • rzppee
  • rsppee
  • rwppee
  • rqppee
  • raopee
  • ralpee
  • ra-pee
  • ra0pee
  • rapoee
  • raplee
  • rap-ee
  • rap0ee
  • rappwe
  • rappse

Similar spelling words for RAPPEE

Plural form of RAPPEE is RAPPEES

36 words made out of letters RAPPEE

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