How Do You Spell RATED?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

The word "rated" is spelled with four letters: r, a, t, and e. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as "reɪtɪd." The "r" is pronounced as "ɹ," a voiced alveolar approximant, while the "a" is pronounced as "eɪ," a diphthong consisting of the vowel sounds "eh" and "ee." The "t" is pronounced as "t," an unvoiced alveolar plosive, and the final "e" is pronounced as "ɪd," a voiced alveolar fricative followed by a voiced dental plosive.

RATED Meaning and Definition

Rated is an adjective derived from the verb rate, and it primarily refers to an evaluation or classification given to someone or something based on their relative quality, worth, or performance. It commonly involves assigning a numerical value or a qualitative judgment to indicate the level of excellence, competence, or proficiency achieved by an individual, group, or object.

In the context of movies, music, video games, or entertainment in general, being rated entails a professional assessment of the content's suitability for specific audiences. Ratings come in the form of a classification system that provides guidelines for age appropriateness and content advisories to help consumers make informed choices about what they watch, listen to, or play.

Moreover, rated can also describe the standing or rank of a person or an item in a particular context. For instance, a hotel or a restaurant can be rated based on its service, cleanliness, and overall quality, which informs potential customers about its reputation. Additionally, individuals can be rated in terms of their performance, skills, or knowledge in a particular field, often resulting in rankings or evaluations that serve as indicators of ability or success.

Ultimately, rated is a term typically used to convey the assessment of something's value, desirability, or suitability, providing information or guidance to aid individuals in making judgments or choices.

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Etymology of RATED

The word "rated" comes from the verb "rate", which has its origins in the Latin word "ratus", meaning "reckoned" or "estimated". The verb "rate" originally meant to evaluate or assess the value or quality of something. Over time, it took on various meanings such as to rank, classify, or determine the suitability of an object or person. Consequently, "rated" is the past participle form of the verb "rate" and commonly refers to the classification or assessment of something, such as a movie, video game, or product.

Conjugate verb Rated


I would rate
we would rate
you would rate
he/she/it would rate
they would rate


I will rate
we will rate
you will rate
he/she/it will rate
they will rate


I will have rated
we will have rated
you will have rated
he/she/it will have rated
they will have rated


I rated
we rated
you rated
he/she/it rated
they rated


I had rated
we had rated
you had rated
he/she/it had rated
they had rated


I rate
we rate
you rate
he/she/it rates
they rate


I have rated
we have rated
you have rated
he/she/it has rated
they have rated
I am rating
we are rating
you are rating
he/she/it is rating
they are rating
I was rating
we were rating
you were rating
he/she/it was rating
they were rating
I will be rating
we will be rating
you will be rating
he/she/it will be rating
they will be rating
I have been rating
we have been rating
you have been rating
he/she/it has been rating
they have been rating
I had been rating
we had been rating
you had been rating
he/she/it had been rating
they had been rating
I will have been rating
we will have been rating
you will have been rating
he/she/it will have been rating
they will have been rating
I would have rated
we would have rated
you would have rated
he/she/it would have rated
they would have rated
I would be rating
we would be rating
you would be rating
he/she/it would be rating
they would be rating
I would have been rating
we would have been rating
you would have been rating
he/she/it would have been rating
they would have been rating


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