How Do You Spell RAUSCH?

The spelling of the word "Rausch" is derived from the German language. It is pronounced as "raʊʃ" in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The letter "R" is pronounced with a rolling sound in the German language, while the "au" is pronounced with a sound similar to the English word "ow". The "s" is pronounced as "sh" in English. The word "Rausch" translates to "intoxication" or "euphoria" in English and is commonly used in German to describe the feeling of being in a state of elation.

Common Misspellings for RAUSCH

  • eausch
  • dausch
  • fausch
  • tausch
  • 5ausch
  • 4ausch
  • rzusch
  • rsusch
  • rwusch
  • rqusch
  • raysch
  • rahsch
  • rajsch
  • raisch
  • ra8sch
  • ra7sch
  • rauach
  • rauzch
  • rauxch

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