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Pronunciation: [ɹˈɔː] (IPA)

The word "raw" is spelled with three letters, R-A-W. In IPA phonetic transcription, it would be written as /rɔː/. The first sound is the "r" sound, which is a voiced alveolar trill. The second sound is the "aa" sound, which is a mid-open back vowel. The third sound is the "w" sound, which is a voiced labio-velar approximant. Together, these sounds create the pronunciation of the word "raw", meaning uncooked or unprocessed.

RAW Meaning and Definition

Raw is an adjective used to describe something in its most natural, unprocessed, or unrefined state. It refers to the absence of any alterations or modifications, emphasizing the initial condition or state of an object or material. When applied to food, raw signifies that it has not been cooked or exposed to heat, maintaining its original form and qualities.

In a broader sense, raw can also refer to emotions or behavior that is unfiltered or uncontrolled, revealing one's innermost feelings without any veneer of pretense or restraint. It suggests a genuine and uncensored display of emotions or actions.

In the context of data or information, raw refers to unprocessed, unanalyzed, or untampered-with facts, figures, or records. Raw data often exists in a format that requires further manipulation or refinement to extract meaningful insights or draw conclusions.

Additionally, raw can be used to describe an untrained or inexperienced individual who lacks refinement or polish in their abilities or talents. It conveys a sense of untapped potential or unexplored talent.

Overall, the term raw encapsulates the concept of originality, untouchedness, or unadulterated state, whether referring to food, emotions, data, or individuals. It signifies a lack of processing, filtering, or alteration, highlighting the intrinsic or inherent characteristics or qualities of the subject at hand.

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Etymology of RAW

The word "raw" originated from the Old English word "hrēaw", which meant "uncooked" or "unripe". It is also related to the Old Norse word "hraugr", which meant "grave". Over time, the meaning of "raw" expanded to include unprocessed, untreated, or unrefined materials, as well as indicating a lack of experience or sophistication.

Idioms with the word RAW

  • touch/strike/hit a (raw) nerve To touch/strike/hit a (raw) nerve means to say or do something that deeply upsets or angers someone because it directly relates to a sensitive or personal issue they have. It refers to an action that triggers a strong emotional response, causing discomfort or annoyance. The term "raw nerve" implies an area of heightened sensitivity.
  • hit/touch a (raw) nerve The idiom "hit/touch a (raw) nerve" is used to describe a situation or comment that triggers a strong emotional response or deeply upsets someone. It refers to a sensitive topic or issue that evokes a visceral reaction, often leading to defensive or angry behavior.
  • in the raw The idiom "in the raw" refers to something that is in its natural or original state, exposed or uncovered without any modifications, alterations, or embellishments. It typically describes something that is unprocessed, crude, or unrefined.
  • come the raw prawn The idiom "come the raw prawn" refers to someone attempting to deceive or trick others, usually by pretending to be naïve or ignorant while actually being clever or manipulative.
  • a raw deal The idiom "a raw deal" refers to a situation or outcome in which someone is treated unfairly or given unfavorable conditions or terms. It suggests that the person involved has received an arrangement or agreement that is unjust, unfavorable, or disadvantageous.
  • raw deal The idiom "raw deal" is used to describe an unfair or unjust treatment or if someone has been treated poorly or forced into a disadvantageous situation, often through circumstances beyond their control.
  • get a raw deal The idiom "get a raw deal" means to receive unfair or unfavorable treatment or be dealt with unfairly in a particular situation. It suggests that someone is being treated in a way that is, in some sense, unfavorable or disadvantageous, often resulting in some form of injustice or a lack of equitable treatment.
  • life in the raw The idiom "life in the raw" refers to experiencing life in its most real, unfiltered, and uncensored form, without any pretenses or artificiality. It implies living without embellishments or illusions, exposing oneself to the raw emotions, challenges, and realities of existence.
  • raw recruit The idiom "raw recruit" refers to a new or inexperienced member of a group or organization, especially in the military. It typically describes someone who has very little training or knowledge in the field and may still be unfamiliar with the rules, procedures, or requirements of the organization they have recently joined.
  • touch a (raw) nerve The idiom "touch a (raw) nerve" means to say or do something that triggers a strong emotional response or sensitivity in someone, often unintentionally. It refers to mentioning a subject or making a comment that deeply affects the person, causing them to react strongly due to personal associations, experiences, or sensitivities related to the topic at hand.
  • catch/touch somebody on the raw The idiom "catch/touch somebody on the raw" means to unintentionally or deliberately mention or bring up a sensitive issue or topic that deeply affects or upsets someone. It refers to emotionally striking a nerve, causing discomfort, embarrassment, or distress to someone.

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