How Do You Spell REACH?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈiːt͡ʃ] (IPA)

The word "reach" is spelled with six letters and pronounced as /riːtʃ/. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word includes the long vowel sound /iː/ for the first letter "e" and the voiceless postalveolar fricative sound /tʃ/ for the second cluster of letters "ch". The spelling of this word reflects its origin from the Old English word "rǣcan", which means "to extend". Thus, the spelling of "reach" is a combination of the old and the new language.

REACH Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "reach" encompasses multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is used. As a noun, "reach" refers to the extent or distance that can be covered or achieved. It can denote the stretch or span between two points, often in relation to physical length or distance. In this sense, it can describe the range someone or something is capable of extending or covering.

    As a verb, "reach" signifies the act of stretching out or extending an arm, hand, or object in order to touch, grasp, or achieve something beyond one's current position. It entails physically gaining access to and touching an object or person, often signifying an extension of one's physical limit to make contact or connection.

    "Reach" can also be used metaphorically to represent the act or process of attaining or accomplishing something that may seem distant or challenging. It implies striving to achieve a goal or desired outcome that may require effort, perseverance, and determination.

    In addition to its concrete and abstract usages, "reach" can also refer to the scope or influence that a person, organization, or idea has over others. It can denote the power or extent of someone or something's impact, dominance, or control within a particular area or domain.

    Overall, "reach" encompasses definitions that involve physical extension, achievement of goals, and the breadth of influence or control.

  2. To retch.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. • To extend, or extend to; to stretch; to touch; to attain; to take by extending the arm; to strike from a distance, as with a weapon; to include or comprehend.
    • Extent; a stretching; act of touching or seizing by extending the hand; the power of extending to; power of attainment; limit of faculties; effort of mind; of a river, as far as it stretches in one direction.
    • Other spellings of retch and retching-see retch.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of REACH

The word reach originated from the Old English word ræcan, which means to stretch out the hand, seize, or touch. This word is further traced back to the Old High German word reichen and the Gothic word raikjan, which both mean to stretch out the hand. The ultimate origin is believed to be from the Proto-Germanic root raikijan meaning to stretch out or make straight.

Idioms with the word REACH

  • reach one's stride The idiom "reach one's stride" means to reach a point of optimal performance, efficiency, or confidence in a particular activity or endeavor. It refers to finding a rhythm or pace that allows one to perform at their best or achieve their full potential.
  • reach toward The idiom "reach toward" means to strive for or work towards a goal or objective. It often implies making an effort or exerting oneself to achieve something, often in a metaphorical sense.
  • reach stride The idiom "reach stride" refers to the point at which someone or something achieves optimum performance, efficiency, or progress, typically after overcoming initial difficulties or challenges. It implies finding a rhythm or momentum that allows for smooth and effective functioning or progress.
  • reach The idiom "reach" refers to achieving a particular goal or target, typically by putting in effort or overcoming obstacles. It implies the act of attaining a desired outcome or reaching a specific point through determination or perseverance.
  • within sm's reach The idiom "within someone's reach" means that something is easily accessible or attainable to a person. It implies that the person has the ability or opportunity to get or achieve something without much effort or difficulty.
  • stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach The idiom "stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach" means that one should not attempt or take on more responsibilities, tasks, or commitments than their capabilities or resources allow. It advises individuals to be aware of their limitations and not overextend themselves beyond their means.
  • reach a compromise The idiom "reach a compromise" means to come to an agreement or settlement in which both parties involved in a disagreement or conflict make concessions and find a middle ground. It involves finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved by mutually giving up certain demands or positions.
  • reach out (after sm or sth) The idiom "reach out (after sm or sth)" means to make an effort to communicate with or establish contact with someone or something, usually for the purpose of offering help, support, or assistance. It implies reaching out in a proactive and empathetic manner to connect with a person or address a situation.
  • reach an accord (with sm) The idiom "reach an accord (with someone)" means to come to an agreement or understanding with someone, usually after a process of negotiation or discussion. It refers to finding a mutual agreement or resolution to a disagreement or issue.
  • reach rock bottom The idiom "reach rock bottom" refers to when a situation or a person's circumstances have deteriorated to the absolute lowest point possible. It implies that there is no further decline or worsening beyond this point, suggesting that the only way forward is an improvement.
  • get to/reach first base The idiom "get to/reach first base" is often used in a figurative sense to indicate progress or success in a particular endeavor, especially in reference to romantic or intimate relationships. It derived from baseball terminology, where "first base" is the initial step in advancing towards scoring a run. In the context of the idiom, "getting to/reaching first base" suggests making initial or early progress towards a desired outcome or goal.
  • reach an impasse The idiom "reach an impasse" means to come to a point where progress or a solution cannot be achieved due to a disagreement or stalemate between opposing parties. It refers to a situation where no further advancement or resolution can be made.
  • reach in The idiom "reach in" can have several meanings depending on the context. Here are two common definitions: 1. Reach into one's pocket or bag to retrieve something: When someone says "reach in," it often refers to physically putting one's hand into a pocket, bag, or container to take out or retrieve something. Example: "I reached into my backpack to find my keys." 2. Emotionally engage or connect with someone: In a more figurative sense, "reach in" can also mean to emotionally engage or connect with someone at a deep level, often in a compassionate or empathetic way. Example: "The counselor is skilled at reaching in and helping troubled teenagers." Note that the meaning of "reach in" can
  • boarding house reach The idiom "boarding house reach" refers to someone's habit of reaching out excessively or aggressively to obtain something, often without considering the boundaries or personal space of others. It can also imply a behavior of overreaching or making bold attempts to achieve goals without due caution or consideration. The idiom originates from the notion of guests in a boarding house reaching out beyond their designated personal space to access objects or items.
  • reach back to The idiom "reach back to" refers to looking or referring to something from the past or historical sources in order to gain insight, knowledge, or inspiration for the present or future context. It implies accessing past experiences, wisdom, or resources to inform and influence current actions or decisions.
  • reach an accord The idiom "reach an accord" means to come to an agreed or harmonious decision, settlement, or understanding with another party or parties involved in a negotiation or dispute. It suggests finding common ground or mutually acceptable terms.
  • reach out The phrase "reach out" typically means to make contact or establish communication with someone, usually to seek help, support, or assistance. It can also refer to extending a figurative hand of friendship or offering support to someone in need.
  • reach for The idiom "reach for" typically means to strive for or aim to achieve something, often in a determined or ambitious manner. It implies making an effort to attain a goal or aspire to a higher level of success.
  • reach for the stars The idiom "reach for the stars" means to set high goals or ambitions and strive to achieve something extraordinary or beyond what is typically expected or possible. It encourages aiming for one's highest potential and not being limited by conventional limitations.
  • a reach of the imagination The idiom "a reach of the imagination" is used to describe something that is highly unlikely or difficult to conceive. It refers to an extreme stretch or effort of one's imagination to consider or believe in a particular idea, situation, or outcome. It implies that what is being suggested is not easily believable or within the realm of possibility.
  • within someone's reach The idiom "within someone's reach" means that something is physically or metaphorically close enough for someone to easily obtain, achieve, or accomplish. It implies that the desired goal or object is easily accessible or attainable.
  • reach up to The idiom "reach up to" means to be able to achieve a particular level, height, or extent. It implies the capability or potential to reach a certain goal or standard.
  • reach out to The idiom "reach out to" means to make an effort to establish communication or connection with someone, usually in a supportive or helpful manner. It conveys the intention of extending one's assistance, empathy, or understanding to another person.
  • reach (a) boiling point The idiom "reach (a) boiling point" means to reach a state of extreme anger, frustration, or tension. It refers to a situation or a person becoming so overloaded with stress or irritation that they can no longer tolerate it and are about to explode or lose control.
  • reach an understanding with The idiom "reach an understanding with" means to come to a mutual agreement or consensus with someone. It implies that both parties involved have discussed and resolved their differences or conflicts by finding common ground or a shared understanding.
  • reach down The idiom "reach down" typically means to delve deep within oneself emotionally or mentally in order to summon strength, resilience, determination, or courage to overcome a difficult situation or challenge. It refers to the act of finding inner resources or tapping into one's personal reserves to confront obstacles or achieve goals.
  • within (easy) reach (of something) The idiom "within (easy) reach (of something)" means to be close enough for someone to easily obtain or access something. It implies that the thing being referred to is conveniently nearby and can be obtained without much effort or difficulty.
  • reach out (to sb) The idiom "reach out (to someone)" means to make contact or connect with someone, usually in order to offer help, support, or communicate with them. It can be used in both a literal and figurative sense.
  • reach first base The idiom "reach first base" refers to successfully advancing or making progress in a particular endeavor or situation. It alludes to the concept of baseball, where "first base" is the initial stage or milestone in a series of accomplishments. Therefore, "reach first base" implies reaching the first step or achieving the first goal in a project, relationship, or task.
  • out of reach The idiom "out of reach" means being unable to obtain or achieve something either physically or metaphorically. It implies that the thing desired or required is inaccessible or unattainable.
  • in reach The idiom "in reach" means something that is easily accessible or within one's capability of achieving or obtaining.
  • reach for the moon/stars The idiom "reach for the moon/stars" means to set very ambitious goals or aspirations, aiming for the highest level of achievement or success. It suggests going beyond one's comfort zone and striving for something remarkable or extraordinary.
  • within reach The idiom "within reach" means that something is close enough to be easily obtained, achieved, or accessed. It implies that the desired outcome or goal is at a manageable distance and can be accomplished with little effort or difficulty.
  • within arm's reach The idiom "within arm's reach" means to be close enough to easily reach or access something, typically within a short distance away.
  • reach out to sm The idiom "reach out to someone" typically means to make contact or initiate communication with someone, often with the intention of offering support, assistance, or seeking their input or advice. It implies a willingness to engage with the person on a deeper level, either emotionally or socially.
  • reach for the sky The idiom "reach for the sky" means to aim high, set ambitious goals, or strive for something great. It encourages individuals to pursue their dreams, aspirations, or capabilities to the fullest extent possible. It often implies embracing a positive and ambitious mindset to achieve success or personal fulfillment.
  • reach boiling point The idiom "reach boiling point" refers to a situation or event that has escalated to a point of extreme tension, anger, or frustration where emotions are about to boil over, similar to water reaching its boiling temperature. It implies that a person or a situation is on the verge of becoming uncontrollable, explosive, or reaching a breaking point.
  • beyond reach The definition of the idiom "beyond reach" is when something is unattainable or inaccessible. It refers to a situation or object that is beyond one's ability to obtain or acquire.
  • reach an accord (with someone) The idiom "reach an accord (with someone)" means to come to a mutual agreement with someone, especially after negotiations or discussions. It implies finding a resolution or compromise that satisfies both parties involved in the conversation.
  • reach an understanding with sm The idiom "reach an understanding with someone" means to come to an agreement or find a mutual understanding with another person, usually by discussing and resolving any differences or conflicts. It implies the process of reaching a compromise or shared perspective on a particular matter.
  • reach for the moon The idiom "reach for the moon" means to set ambitious goals and strive for high achievements, often beyond what may seem possible or realistic. It signifies the act of aiming for great success and not being limited by perceived limitations or obstacles.
  • reach a conclusion The idiom "reach a conclusion" means to arrive at a decision or judgement after considering all the relevant information or arguments. It denotes the act of coming to a final resolution or making a firm determination about something.
  • reach to
  • reach out into
  • hit/reach rock bottom To hit or reach rock bottom means to reach a point of such extreme difficulty, failure, or despair that it cannot get any worse.
  • (reach) the end of the line/road To "reach the end of the line/road" means to come to a point where there are no more options or possibilities available, resulting in a situation where progress or advancement is no longer possible. It indicates reaching a final and irreversible conclusion or outcome.
  • come to/reach somebody's ears The idiom "come to/reach somebody's ears" means that information, news, or a rumor has been heard by someone, typically indirectly or through gossip.

Similar spelling words for REACH

Plural form of REACH is REACHES

Conjugate verb Reach


I would have reached
you would have reached
he/she/it would have reached
we would have reached
they would have reached
I would have reach
you would have reach
he/she/it would have reach
we would have reach
they would have reach


I would have been reaching
you would have been reaching
he/she/it would have been reaching
we would have been reaching
they would have been reaching


I would reach
you would reach
he/she/it would reach
we would reach
they would reach


I would be reaching
you would be reaching
he/she/it would be reaching
we would be reaching
they would be reaching


I will reach
you will reach
he/she/it will reach
we will reach
they will reach


I will be reaching
you will be reaching
he/she/it will be reaching
we will be reaching
they will be reaching


I will have reached
you will have reached
he/she/it will have reached
we will have reached
they will have reached


I will have been reaching
you will have been reaching
he/she/it will have been reaching
we will have been reaching
they will have been reaching


you reach
we let´s reach


to reach


I was reaching
you were reaching
he/she/it was reaching
we were reaching
they were reaching




I had reached
you had reached
he/she/it had reached
we had reached
they had reached


I had been reaching
you had been reaching
he/she/it had been reaching
we had been reaching
they had been reaching


I reach
you reach
he/she/it reachs
we reach
they reach
he/she/it reaches


I am reaching
you are reaching
he/she/it is reaching
we are reaching
they are reaching




I have reached
you have reached
he/she/it has reached
we have reached
they have reached


I have been reaching
you have been reaching
he/she/it has been reaching
we have been reaching
they have been reaching


he/she/it reach


I reached
you reached
he/she/it reached
we reached
they reached


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