How Do You Spell REALES?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈi͡əlz] (IPA)

The word "reales" is spelled with a unique phonetic transcription that can be broken down into two syllables: "ray-" and "-al-ays." The "r" sound at the beginning of the word is pronounced with a rolled "r" in Spanish, which is represented by the IPA symbol [r]. The "a" sound in each syllable is pronounced as a short "ah" sound, represented by the IPA symbol [a]. The final "s" is also pronounced, giving "reales" a plural form.

REALES Meaning and Definition

  1. Reales is a term that holds several meanings and applications in different contexts. First, reales can be used as a noun to describe a former currency used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. It was introduced in the late 14th century and remained in circulation until the mid-19th century. Reales were made of silver and were subdivided into smaller units called maravedis.

    Second, reales can also refer to a coin that was used in Spain during the time when the currency was still in circulation. These coins were minted in various denominations, such as real de vellón, real de plata, and real de oro, each representing different values.

    Additionally, in the context of historic Spain, reales can refer to royal tribunals or councils that were responsible for administering justice under the authority of the king. These reales had jurisdiction over specific regions and dealt with legal matters, such as civil and criminal cases, appeals, and other legal disputes.

    In the realm of numismatics, reales can also be used to describe a unit of measurement for the weight or purity of silver. It represents one-eighth of an ounce or roughly 3.5 grams.

    Lastly, the term reales is commonly used in the plural form to describe the various historical aspects of Spain, particularly in literature or historical discussions, as it pertains to the ruling monarchy, currency, or the legal system during a specific time period.

Etymology of REALES

The word "reales" has multiple etymological origins, depending on the context in which it is used.

1. Currency: In terms of currency, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain and former Spanish colonies, "reales" refers to the plural form of the real (pronounced "reh-AHL"), which was a historical currency unit. The term "real" comes from the Latin word "regalis", meaning "regal" or "royal". It was first used in the 14th century to describe a coin made of silver, initially issued by the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

2. Verb form: "Reales" can also be a conjugated form of the verb "realizar" in Spanish. The word "realizar" comes from the combination of "real" (meaning "real" or "actual") and the suffix "-izar", which transforms a noun or adjective into a verb.

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