How Do You Spell REBATO?

The spelling of the word "rebato" can be a bit confusing. It is pronounced /rɪˈbætoʊ/ or "rih-BAT-oh" in IPA phonetic transcription. The "e" in "rebato" is silent and serves to lengthen the "a" sound. The "b" is pronounced as a voiced bilabial stop, while the "t" is a voiceless alveolar stop. The final "o" is pronounced as a diphthong with a slight "w" sound at the end. Despite its unconventional spelling, "rebato" is a legitimate word that refers to a type of woman's collar or accessory.

Common Misspellings for REBATO

  • eebato
  • debato
  • febato
  • tebato
  • 5ebato
  • 4ebato
  • rdbato
  • rrbato
  • r4bato
  • r3bato
  • revato
  • renato
  • rehato
  • regato
  • rebzto
  • rebsto
  • rebwto
  • rebqto
  • rebaro
  • bebato

Similar spelling words for REBATO

Plural form of REBATO is REBATOS

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