How Do You Spell REBUKES?

The word "rebukes" is spelled with a "u" after the "b" and before the "k" because it is pronounced as /rɪˈbjuːks/. This phonetic transcription shows that the "u" makes a long "u" sound, as in "blue," and the "e" at the end of the word is silent. Knowing the correct spelling of "rebukes" is important, as it is a verb that means to express sharp disapproval or criticism.

Common Misspellings for REBUKES

17 words made out of letters REBUKES

5 letters

6 letters

Conjugate verb Rebukes


I would rebuke
we would rebuke
you would rebuke
he/she/it would rebuke
they would rebuke


I will rebuke
we will rebuke
you will rebuke
he/she/it will rebuke
they will rebuke


I will have rebuked
we will have rebuked
you will have rebuked
he/she/it will have rebuked
they will have rebuked


I rebuked
we rebuked
you rebuked
he/she/it rebuked
they rebuked


I had rebuked
we had rebuked
you had rebuked
he/she/it had rebuked
they had rebuked


I rebuke
we rebuke
you rebuke
he/she/it rebukes
they rebuke


I have rebuked
we have rebuked
you have rebuked
he/she/it has rebuked
they have rebuked
I am rebuking
we are rebuking
you are rebuking
he/she/it is rebuking
they are rebuking
I was rebuking
we were rebuking
you were rebuking
he/she/it was rebuking
they were rebuking
I will be rebuking
we will be rebuking
you will be rebuking
he/she/it will be rebuking
they will be rebuking
I have been rebuking
we have been rebuking
you have been rebuking
he/she/it has been rebuking
they have been rebuking
I had been rebuking
we had been rebuking
you had been rebuking
he/she/it had been rebuking
they had been rebuking
I will have been rebuking
we will have been rebuking
you will have been rebuking
he/she/it will have been rebuking
they will have been rebuking
I would have rebuked
we would have rebuked
you would have rebuked
he/she/it would have rebuked
they would have rebuked
I would be rebuking
we would be rebuking
you would be rebuking
he/she/it would be rebuking
they would be rebuking
I would have been rebuking
we would have been rebuking
you would have been rebuking
he/she/it would have been rebuking
they would have been rebuking


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