How Do You Spell RECEIPT?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪsˈiːt] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "receipt" can be tricky to remember. It is pronounced "ri-sit" /rɪˈsiːt/, with stress on the first syllable. The word comes from the Old French word "receite" meaning a recipe or a written acknowledgement of debt or money received. The spelling of "receipt" was changed in the 17th century to give it a Latinized appearance. Remember to make sure you have all the letters in the right order the next time you write a receipt!

RECEIPT Meaning and Definition

Receipt (noun):

1. A written or printed document that acknowledges the receiving of goods, money, or services. It acts as proof of a transaction between a buyer and a seller and typically includes details such as the date, description, and value of the items or services received, as well as any taxes or charges applied. Receipts are commonly used in business transactions to track purchases, returns, and expenses, and can be used for reimbursement or accounting purposes.

2. The act of receiving something. In this context, a receipt refers to the action of accepting or taking possession of something that has been delivered or passed on by someone else.

3. The total amount of money or goods received. This definition refers to the sum or value of all items or funds that have been collected or obtained from various sources. It can be used for individual financial records, as well as for organizational or governmental purposes.

4. Evidence or acknowledgment of a particular event, action, or condition. In this sense, a receipt refers to any tangible or intangible proof or record that a certain occurrence has taken place, an agreement has been reached, or a specific condition has been met.

In summary, a receipt is a written or printed document that serves as proof of a transaction, an acknowledgment of receiving goods or money, or evidence of a particular event or condition.

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Etymology of RECEIPT

The word "receipt" has an interesting etymology. It originates from the Latin word "recipere", which means "to receive". In medieval Latin, the word evolved into "recepta", essentially meaning "things received". This Latin term was then borrowed into Old North French as "recepte", and later entered Middle English as "receite". Over time, the spelling shifted to "receipt", while the pronunciation remained the same. So, the modern word "receipt" is directly derived from the Latin root "recipere", which emphasizes the act of receiving.

Idioms with the word RECEIPT

  • acknowledge (the) receipt of sth The idiom "acknowledge (the) receipt of something" means to confirm or formally acknowledge that you have received something, typically a letter, document, or package. It involves notifying the sender that the item or information they sent you has been received and is now in your possession.
  • in receipt of sth The idiom "in receipt of sth" means to be in possession of something, usually a document, an item, or information that has been received or has been delivered to you.
  • acknowledge (the) receipt of The idiom "acknowledge (the) receipt of" means to confirm or formally acknowledge that something has been received. It is commonly used in formal or professional settings to indicate that a person or organization has received a document, message, package, or any other item of value.
  • acknowledge (the) receipt of something The idiom "acknowledge (the) receipt of something" means to formally or officially confirm that something has been received. It indicates that the recipient has received a particular item, document, or communication and recognizes its arrival or presence.

Similar spelling words for RECEIPT

Plural form of RECEIPT is RECEIPTS

Conjugate verb Receipt


I would have receipted
you would have receipted
he/she/it would have receipted
we would have receipted
they would have receipted
I would have receipt
you would have receipt
he/she/it would have receipt
we would have receipt
they would have receipt


I would have been receipting
you would have been receipting
he/she/it would have been receipting
we would have been receipting
they would have been receipting


I would receipt
you would receipt
he/she/it would receipt
we would receipt
they would receipt


I would be receipting
you would be receipting
he/she/it would be receipting
we would be receipting
they would be receipting


I will receipt
you will receipt
he/she/it will receipt
we will receipt
they will receipt


I will be receipting
you will be receipting
he/she/it will be receipting
we will be receipting
they will be receipting


I will have receipted
you will have receipted
he/she/it will have receipted
we will have receipted
they will have receipted


I will have been receipting
you will have been receipting
he/she/it will have been receipting
we will have been receipting
they will have been receipting


you receipt
we let´s receipt


to receipt


I was receipting
you were receipting
he/she/it was receipting
we were receipting
they were receipting




I had receipted
you had receipted
he/she/it had receipted
we had receipted
they had receipted


I had been receipting
you had been receipting
he/she/it had been receipting
we had been receipting
they had been receipting


I receipt
you receipt
he/she/it receipts
we receipt
they receipt


I am receipting
you are receipting
he/she/it is receipting
we are receipting
they are receipting




I have receipted
you have receipted
he/she/it has receipted
we have receipted
they have receipted


I have been receipting
you have been receipting
he/she/it has been receipting
we have been receipting
they have been receipting


he/she/it receipt


I receipted
you receipted
he/she/it receipted
we receipted
they receipted


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