How Do You Spell RECIPES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Recipes" is [ɹ_ˈɛ_s_ɪ_p_ˌiː_z], [ɹˈɛsɪpˌiːz], [ɹˈɛsɪpˌiːz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for RECIPES

Below is the list of 144 misspellings for the word "recipes".

Definition of RECIPES

  1. The art or practice of cooking. It includes the preparation of special foods for diets in various diseases.

Anagrams of RECIPES

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Usage Examples for RECIPES

  1. He said she must be taught to eat; that her salvation lay in a few foods of plebeian simplicity, foods which almost any one could get anywhere, foods which did not involve long hours of preparation according to priceless recipes. - "Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness" by Robert S. Carroll
  2. Those homely recipes are often the best: strawberries for the teeth: nettles and rainwater: oatmeal they say steeped in buttermilk. - "Ulysses" by James Joyce